You might stumble across an odd ad in a marketplace while you are checking marketplace app: blue and purple shampoo. You may wonder, what kind of shampoo is it? Will it turn one’s hair blue and purple like that character on a sci-fi movie? Well, don’t think that far as blue shampoo is used mainly to neutralize brass hair caused by warm hue of hair color, such as brunette and blonde. For your information, blue shampoo is usually used by brunettes, while purple shampoo is for typical blonde. However, is blue shampoo for blonde available?

What could be the science behind this? It is so simple that an elementary school kid can understand. The trick lies in color wheel theory. If you look at it, the color faces a certain color is called as its complementary. In the making of blue and purple shampoo, this easy-peasy theory is applied to the max. The purpose of this complementary color is legit: to cut down the overabundance of warm pigments (red, auburn (or orange), and yellow hues) coming with brunette and blonde hair color.

Now look back at the color wheel. Then, take a look at the red, orange, yellow area. Take an imaginary line connecting the color to its complementary color through to the circle’s center. You will see that for yellow, it links to purple. While orange, it stands across blue – meaning that blue is its complementary color. And that’s how blue and purple shampoo is ‘invented’. Blue shampoo isn’t commonly used for blonde. But if you insist, there is a limitation for that. Blue shampoo for blonde can only work effectively if your blonde is a type of darker blonde. If the color of your blonde is too light, it cannot work as expected. And the vice versa is also applied – purple shampoo does not work effectively to ‘neutralize’ brass brunette. You can use it to wash your hair still, but the effect once expected will not be achieved.


Who’s Eligible to Use Blue Shampoo?

Blue shampoo, just like its name, is a kind of shampoo that contains blue tint. Along with its ‘friend in crime’ – purple shampoo – they become a nice solution for brassy hair especially the one with dyed hair. More specifically, blue and purple shampoos are perfect for people with brunette and blonde hair color. However, since there are a broad range of brunette and blonde in or surrounding, what kind of brunette is suitable for blue shampoo? What kind of blonde is perfect for blue shampoo? Can someone with natural brunette or blonde use it?

Well, it turns out that colorists, hair color manufacturers, and cosmetologists have this specific chart to standardize hair color. Keep in mind that this chart does not apply to other colors like candy pink, electric blue, or even lilac since this chart only standardize what we know as common natural hair colors. So, you should not expect to see any colors beyond black, brown, and blonde hue.

The level starts from 2, and this represents the darkest color from the chart: black. As the number gets closer to 10, the color lightens, and 10 represents light blonde as the lightest color the chart has. What about other number? Check out the chart below:

2: black

3: brown black

4: darkest brown

5: dark brown

6: medium brown

7: light brown

8: dark blonde

9: medium blonde

10: light blonde

To determine what your hair color is, it is best not to depend on people’s opinion. Pick a section of your hair then extend it away from the rest of your hair. You should also pick a section where it doesn’t get too much sunlight in typical day; therefore, it is advised to get a section far from the crown.

Let’s get back to the topic: what kind of color should use blue shampoo? In normal setting, medium brown and light brown are the categories suitable for blue shampoo. But, what is about blue shampoo for blonde? You can use it, only if your blonde type is closer to brown. It means the darker blonde is the color blue shampoo can work effectively.


How to Use Blue Shampoo for Blonde?

Well, if you have a darker blonde (by birth or after getting a perm) and planning to add blue shampoo into your routine hair treatment, the how-to use blue shampoo for blonde isn’t much different. The important thing to highlight is, you don’t have to use it on a daily basis. Just like washing your hair with regular shampoo, it is unnecessary to use blue shampoo every day. Even if you want that brass-free and shining hair, using shampoo every day isn’t even a word.

The experts say it is safe to use the tinted shampoo once a week. There are also references mentioning that two times per week is alright too. But every day use has never been mentioned by anyone, mostly because too much blue shampoo may turn your hair darker than the shade desired. Plus, your hair will be dry.

To use blue shampoo for blonde, below are the steps:

  1. First, wet your hair just like when you want to wash your hair using your regular shampoo.
  2. Start applying the shampoo. Here is where the main difference between common shampoo and blue shampoo is located: where you mainly focus your blue shampoo at.

You know that regular shampoo is mainly used to cleanse your scalp and hair roots. Blue shampoo is used mainly to treat your hair color. Hence, you should focus applying shampoo from the roots to your hair tips. Apply the shampoo starting from the root first then going down to the hair tip. The point is to apply the shampoo thoroughly and evenly.

  1. After you apply the shampoo thoroughly, simply rinse it off until no shampoo is left.
  2. Following the blue shampoo, you should continue the treatment by applying conditioner – despite any types of your hair.
  3. As the last step, dry your hair. If you are accustomed to air dry your hair, make sure to protect your hair first by using heatspray. Make your hair in sections then spray onto it.


What are the Similarities and Differences between Blue and Purple Shampoo?

Not merely similar being a toning shampoo, not merely different thanks for their colors, most people don’t even take a glance of knowing what could unite and separate them from each other. Good for you, check out below what makes blue shampoo similar to the other and also their key differences.


  • Both can be used as toning shampoos
  • Blue and purple shampoos give cooling color effect on the hair
  • Both shampoos generally contain sulfate, which is known as a compound causing your hair to be a little dry. If your hair is already dry, consider using sulphate-free shampoo.


  • Each shampoo is the complementary color of different tones. Blue shampoo counteracts orange tones, while the other shampoo counteracts yellow tones.
  • Blue shampoo tends to tone your hair a bit slower if you are using it as blue shampoo for blonde – since blonde is more counteracting with purple shampoo.
  • Once applied in each counteracting color, blue shampoo needs more than one-time application to get the neutralized result desired.
  • The shampoo solution for blue shampoo is made by mixing blue and a bit purple color. The counterpart – purple shampoo – is solely made of purple pigments.


Picking the Best Brand of Blue Shampoo

Taking care of your brassy, dyed hair is a bit challenging. As we all know, beauty needs effort – the same goes to picking out the best product for your hair treatment. In case of blue shampoo, you may opt anything according to your budget. Sometimes people with expensive product do not get the best result as the ones using drugstore products. Well, that’s not even a secret!

Pick the suitable shampoo for your hair needs trial and error. Hence, you cannot judge one product’s effectiveness just by using it once. Then, how long should you try for a product? Some sources say that you’ll need 30 days with proper use (as suggested by the product) before you switch with the other one. However, 30-day of waiting really takes time, isn’t it? If you see any notable drawbacks that, in your opinion, utterly ruin your hair, you may stop the use of that hair product as soon as possible.

In the end, to make the beauty of your hair more outstanding, make sure that you are not only using blue shampoo for blonde to neutralize the color tone of your blonde hair. As suggested earlier, use conditioner after shampooing. Before drying your hair with a hair dryer, apply heatspray to protect your hair. Using hair oil will get stronger protection for your blonde strands. Great nutrition from healthy diet, especially vitamins and minerals related to hair (like vitamin E and zinc) are optional. However, if you add this to the list, who knows you’ll be the owner of flawless hair?