Well, hair is the main aspect to make your looks all-around outstanding aside from those layers of make-up and pretty outfits to combine. Styling the hair isn’t that easy since many aspects should be the preceding consideration. Facial shape is one important thing to consider, but trend is what we are mostly following. Beach waves short hair is another trend to adopt this year. We all see in many social media posts; this hairstyle is currently on the spotlight.

Summer kids will live for this hairstyle: beach waves. It is super fun to copy the blue sea waves and pasting it onto your own hair. The curl itself – which isn’t too curly – is the part where it brings super fun, not only in the making, but also while wearing it. In 2020, beach waves can still perch on your head and make you steer away from the style of straight hair. However, what if your cut isn’t as long as those Insta buddies? Check out these short hair beach waves tricks and be the star of your Instafeeds.


Beach Waves Short Hair: Short isn’t the Limit!

You might think that short hair isn’t perfect for this trend. It is reasonable to say this way – since this hairstyle requires you to have curls as close as possible to the hair root which is kind of tricky to do in short hair. However, that should not curfew you from this amazing style, right? A plethora of muses are found online, so why don’t you go try having an experiment?

There are some perks of getting your short hair styled beach waves. You can get your favorite hairstyle pretty quickly without putting too much hassle. As the second upside, you can try many tricks to create it: not merely counting on flat iron and wand iron (not a cloth iron, indeed). Even hair pin trick will do, and you can sleep on it to have the effect on your hair.

With beach waves short hair, you can get a beautiful voluminous hair that looks more natural. What about having a chubby face with this style at desire? It is truly a bit trickier – but as long as you are confident with more voluminous hair, why not? It should not prohibit you from being fashionable.


What Does It Take to Style Your Hair Beach Waves?

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of tricks to make curls on your hair. But it all starts with one basic procedure: dividing your hair into sections. Grab a hair pin, and divide your hair into sections. Whichever methods you are using (hairpins or hair iron), it is easier to start making the curl from the bottom part hair. Do it layer by layer – not only it will ease you in the making of beach waves, the style will thoroughly cover your head without any misses.

Aside from hairpins, flat iron and/or curling iron, you need hair spray too to make this beach waves short hair. If your hair is kind of dry, apply some sort of curl cream beforehand especially for the brushed out hair.

Texturizing spray and sea salt spray are other tricks to create a bunch hold and grip to your hair style. Use this in lieu of hair spray. If you got a dry hair, it is also better to replace hair spray with these options. It’s good to have a moist hair to do this, but too wet means no special – it won’t be as bouncy and flowing as beach waves!


DIY Beach Waves in Short Hair: No Hairdresser, No Worry

Let’s get into the business – how to style your own beach waves short hair. You don’t even need to visit a hair salon to get it. Do it yourself, and you’ll feel good!

  1. First of all, make sure that your hair is dry and not tangled. Comb it down and make your hair loosened from ponytails and such. Prepare your flat or curling iron and heat it up.
  2. Have several bobby-pins (or any small sized hairpins). Pin up your hair and leave the inner, bottom back hair to start curling with. You can work with any parts of hair basically, but it is way easier to start it with the inner hair and leaving the easier part at last.
  3. One by one, curl your hair by using a flat or curling iron. Make sure to make the curl closer to the hair root; leaving the lower part of the hair be quite straight.
  4. After that, release another pinned-up hair section and curl it with the same method. Beach waves should take up only about half of the hair length. Continue until all hair sections has been curled.
  5. Once you finish it, get your hair spray and spray it lightly.
  6. Rake the hair with your fingers to unravel the curl for a bit. If you’ve got the volume of beach waves short hair that you want, end your styling with spraying more hair spray.


Natural Beach Waves, No Iron Needed!

If you are looking for a heatless trick to get short hair beach waves, you can get it with a beautiful night sleep. But wait – you must do these as well:

  1. To begin it, prepare several bobby-pins – just like making beach waves short hair, you need these pins as well.
  2. Brush your hair well, and apply curl cream toward your dry, brushed out hair before twisting little section of your hair around your finger.
  3. Secure the twist with bobby-pins. You may need more than one bobby-pin per twist; it is alright since you need to make it safe until the morning comes.
  4. Have it work throughout the night.
  5. In the morning, simply untangle them slowly then shake them out to make those beachy waves.

As a wrap-up, you can brush a little part of your hair to make it neat. In the last trick, to maintain the waves, you may apply hair spray as well. If you want to maintain the waves on longer hair, texturizing spray should do well with the waves. Here you go, beach waves short hair now all yours!