You might want to make your crafts more interesting by adding accents like glitter. It would definitely look good when being put on. Your crafts will look shimmery because the glitters are catching lights. Many people add glitters not only adding to materials like paper or glass, but also fabrics. However, applying on these materials is not that easy. If you do not take extra measure to ensure your glitter stays intact on the material’s surface, it may fall down over the time. So, how to keep glitter from falling off your crafts?

You will be learning methods to make your glitter staying intact on materials of your craft. There are plenty of reasons why you should learn to do this. First off, your craft will look less pretty over time as the glitter is brushed off the surface. You want your craft to last longer than that, right? Not to mention that cleaning after glitter is not a fun activity. If you have children or pets around the house, they might accidentally consume the fallen glitter.

Let’s take a look at the following ways on how to keep glitter from falling off. They might require you to go to supply store to look for the materials. However, the end result is well worth.


How to Keep Glitter from Falling Off by Crafting with Hard Materials

Are you planning to create a glittery craft for your house? There are plenty of options to choose from. You can make decorative ornaments like glittery stars with ice cream sticks. You can also coat used wine bottle with glitter and fill it with small light bulb to make romantic garden lights. To make sure the glitter coat does not fall off, you need to prepare mod podge or other kinds of thick and strong glue.

Here are the steps on how to keep glitter from falling off your lovely craft.

  1. Mix with this glue paste until the glitter is fully dispersed into the paste. You can use of varying thickness in this.
  2. Use a paint brush to apply the mixture to your craft. Make sure that the surface is as even as possible.
  3. Let the first coat dry fully before repeating the process again. You can add as many layers as you want to.

You will be able to apply this method on various types of materials. You can apply it to wood, glass, plastic, and other type of hard materials of your choices. It is possible to make mod podge at home using flour too.


Maintaining Already Made Craft with Glitter

What if you want to apply protective coating for a craft that already has glitter on it? Is it still possible to do that? Let’s take a look at the following way on how to keep glitter from falling off.

  1. Tap off the craft from any excess glitter on the surface. This will make the entire process a lot cleaner because there will be no remnants of glitter on your brush which will spread onto clean surface and make the craft less pretty.
  2. Apply the glue paste (you can mix in similar type of glitter into the paste) on the craft’s surface thinly.
  3. Let the first coat dry off completely before adding another layer of glue coating.

You can also ensure that glitter does not fall off fabric material that already has glitter on it. There is temporary fix on how to keep glitter falling off fabric material. In order to do it, you can spray your fabric with hairspray to make sure that the glitter stay intact. The fabric should be fully dry when you are applying the hair spray to ensure the method will work. However, as stated before the result will not last as longer as using fabric glue.


Preventing the Glitter from Falling Off Fabric Material

What if you want to apply the glitter to fabric material? Many formal or even casual clothes have glitter on them because it adds elegance to otherwise conventional kind of clothing. However, it is quite tricky to apply glitter onto fabric since it tends to fall off easier than if you apply it to harder materials. You need to prepare fabric glue for this task.

So, how to keep glitter from falling off fabric? Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Mix glitter of your choice to fabric glue until the glitter is fully dispersed.
  2. Make another mixture of fabric glue with water. The mixture should not be too thin or too thick.
  3. Decide on the spots where you will be applying glitter on. After that, layer a plastic or old newspaper underneath those spots.
  4. Use a paint brush; apply the glitter glue mixture to the spots.
  5. Wait for a moment before you apply water and glue mixture onto the glittery spots.
  6. After you have felt satisfied with the layer, you can immediately hang the fabric. It is recommended to keep it in dry, well-ventilated, and warm spot in order to smooth out the drying process. The result should come out well after 24 hours.


Maintaining Glittery Fabric after Washing Cycles

One thing that people dread the most about having glittery clothing is whether the glitter will survive out of washing cycles. An option is by dry cleaning your glittery fabric. However, many people are not keen on doing this because it is quite pricey. Is there any way that you can wash your glittery clothes safely without agitating the glitter?

Hand washing your clothes instead of using laundry machine is highly recommended. It is because you can actually control the strength of your hands. You need to rub the fabric gently as to not make the glitter falls off the fabric. If you are using laundry machine, the clothes will be rotated inside and will interact with other clothes and the machine’s interior. Such treatment is going to corrode the surface.

You should also make sure to use detergent that is not too harsh on fabric to wash your clothes. Harsh detergent may actually dilute the glue in the fabric and it is going to make the glitter falls off. Another thing that you should pay attention to is the temperature of the water you are using to wash the clothes. Hot water will actually melt the glue. Thus, you should only wash the clothes with cold or at least lukewarm water.

Hopefully this passage explains clearly to you about how to keep glitter from falling off various craft materials. The prospect of having glitter fallen off your craft should not deter you from utilizing this decorative accents because as you can see, there are ways to prevent that from happening.