Along with the popularity of Asian music groups, film, and other culture, Asian look is amazingly booming lately. People adore Asian women and men have a good look that results to the settlement of Asian beauty standard. Even non-Asians fall in love with Asian beauty and wish that they could have even a slight of Asian look on their face. Since the most distinguish part of Asian face is eyes, people start to set how to make your eyes look Asian as keywords in their searching tools.

Asians are identical with small cute eyes and dark iris color that somehow strengthen their facial features. Japanese, Korean, and Chinese people originally tend to have monolid eyes. The other regions like Southeast Asia distinguished with Asian hooded eyes that have more lids.

Compared to Caucasians that have long and flat eye openings, Asian eye openings are rounder. Their eyes generally do not go back into their head too far. Right between their eyes, there is a nose bridge that varies in ranges of size. Between the eyebrow and the eye opening, Asians have a large gap. Based on these eye basic features, so how to make your eyes look Asian without surgery?


Get Natural Asian Eyes Looks with Contact Lens

The very first step of how to make your eyes look Asian should be started from the basic colors that distinguish beautiful Asian eyes which are commonly dark colors from brown to black. Because Westerns genetically have bright and colorful iris colors, using contact lenses is the best choice to change the eyes look.

Using contact lenses seems simple, but actually it needs extra attention since it is related to your eyes health. Here are important things you should care about when you decide to use contact lenses!

  1. Choose the right water content of the lens depend on the eyes condition. Lenses with 45% water content are made from silicone hydro gel and suitable for daily use, but commonly 60% water content is the most user-friendly lens. The highest water content is 90% for sensitive eyes.
  2. Pay attention to contact lens prescription if you have any eyesight problems.
  3. Choose the right size of lens diameter depend on you need. Normal diameter lenses work best to get natural look. For more dramatic cute eyes, pick lenses with bigger diameter than the real eyes.
  4. Store that contact lens in contact lens solution, not in water because it cannot disinfect the lens and will harm our eyes.

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Smart Tricks to Make Your Eyes Form Look Asian

Changing eyes color with contact lens does change our look so much, but it is not enough to make you look pretty Asian if you still have the Caucasian eye type. As we discussed before, Asians and Caucasians eyes are pretty much different in the form.

Do you know that you can change your eyes form without any painful surgeries? So what you can do? Well even though the result is not permanent as surgery does, but these tricks might answer the question about how to make your eyes look Asian without surgery!

  1. Using face lift tape to lift the outer corner of your eyes.

Apply face lift tape onto your skin around the outer corner to get beautiful sharp Asian eyes. It may also reduce your eye bags or wrinkles and helps to get a younger fresh look like common Asians.

  1. Styling hair to give effects to your eyes form

How to make your eyes look Asian with hairstyle? Try to brush back your hair as tightly as possible (but remember not to make yourself uncomfortable) and tie them up with your favorite ribbon. This way will pull your skin around hairline and near eyes back.

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Asian Eyes Look with the Right Technique in Applying Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is one of the most difficult steps of doing make up. Therefore, choose the most comfortable eyeliner type. If you are a beginner, liquid pen eyeliner is the best choice because it has a good grip and easy applicator.

How to make your eyes look Asian with eyeliner? In general if you have monolid eyes, use your eyeliner to cover a bigger area than the mobile lid. Whereas for double eyelids or large visible eyelids, apply your eyeliner as close as possible to your lash line.

However, different types of eye demand different technique. Know your eye type before using these techniques to get a perfect Asian look!

  1. Narrow-shaped or almond shaped eyes

Cat eye is the best eyeliner style for this eye shape. Use the eyeliner to line your eyelid first.  Then on the outer corner of the eyes, draw a small flick upwards.Line the waterline using peach or white eyeliner.

  1. Downturned eyes

After lining the eyelid, draw a small flick downwards and create a small triangle on the outer corner of your eyes to get a cute puppy eye. Make sure to draw the triangle to the direction of the lower lash line.


How to Make Your Eyes Look Asian with Make Up

To get more stunning Asian eye look, you can do popular Asian eye make-up after putting the eyeliner on. Lately, Korean eye make-up becomes a trend that makes every girl and woman wants to try.

Korean eye make-up tends to present a natural and light look, but amazingly beautiful. These following steps will guide you to do the eye make-up. Furthermore, you can find so many vloggers uploading contents about how to make your eyes look Asian with their crazy make-up skill!

  1. Choose eye shadow shade that is similar or around your skin tone

Asian make-up especially Korean plays with shimmery shadows with soft tones like beige, rose gold, copper, etc.

  1. Apply the eye shadow from the lightest to the darkest color

Put the lightest color onto your eyelid by following the direction of the eyeliner tip you have made before. The more you go closer to the lash line, the darker color you have to put on.

  1. Apply white shimmer or highlighter on your tear ducts area

Do this technique to get a fresh Asian eye look besides lining your waterline with white shimmer or eyeliner.

  1. Make aegyo-sal

Korean people adore eye bags so much that they create a fake one to look cute. Apply brown eye shadow under your natural eye bags and brush the upper part with white or peach shimmer.