Having a nice candle jar is great. It does not only serve you to lighten the room, but the jar itself becomes perfect decorations. It can be nice on the dinner and other purposes. However, the candle will be useless once the candle is gone and you only get residues of candle in it. It becomes problem and you are not the only one to face it. Of course, you need to clean the residues before you use the jar for other purposes. In this case, you will need the information of how to clean out a candle jar. It is going to be useful insights.

It is true that removing the residue of candle is not easy job. Many people have problem with it and that is why they decide to ignore the used candle jar. Some also try, but they are not successful. If you really need to reuse the candle jars but you still have no idea of the good ways to clean out the jar, these steps can give you insights. You will not need to worry about the issues, since you will get some methods and you can try any of these methods.


How to Clean Out a Candle Jar by Using Freezer

It is true that there are many methods of how to clean out a candle jar. One of the methods is by using the freezer. This may sound strange, but it is actually able to do and many people are successful in using the method. Scientifically, the wax will shrink under the very low temperature. It is different from water that may get frozen in the freezer. For the complete steps, you can check these steps.

  1. Put the candle jar in the freezer

Get your candle jars. It is fine to put some candle jars at the same time in the freezer. This may take some moments. Normally, it will take around 30 minutes. However, it is also fine to place the candle jars for hours.

The indicator to take out the candle jars by pressing the candle or wax. You are able take the jars out from the freezer when you find that the candles are loose. It is easy to do by pressing the candles, especially the corner of the wax.

  1. Remove the wax or candle from the jars

When the wax is loose, you will be able to take it out. However, it may still need more efforts, so you need to push harder. When it is still harder, it is better tap the jar on the surface of table. When it is still hard, you can use the knife to take the wax. When there is also wick holder, you can also pull it out.

  1. Remove the residue

Then, the last step of how to clean out a candle jar by using this method is to clean the residue. It will be easier when you use the soap and water. When some thick residues are still in there, it is safer and easier to use butter knife to clean these big thick residues first. For the finishing touch, baby oil can be applied on the inner surface of the candle jar.


Cleaning Candle Jar with Boiling Water

The next method of how to clean out a candle jar is by using the boiling water. This is also effective method since boiling water can easily melt and remove the wax in the candle jar. You can follow these complete steps.

  1. Slice the wax

This is important to do. You can make some slices, especially the corner of the wax. These will make the wax melt faster and faster. Slits are also good to add on the wax, so the boiling water can easily separate the wax.

  1. Pour the boiling water

It is easy to do. You only need to pour the water on the candle jar. After that, you only need to wait for several hours until the wax is floating. You can remove the wax when the water is cold. It is safer for your hand.

  1. Remove the residue

The last step is similar to the previous method. You only need to remove the residues by scraping the jar by using knife. Then, you use the soap and warm water. For the finishing, baby oil is able to use.


Pot and Hot Water to Clean Out the Residues of Candle

This is similar to the previous method in term of using heat. However, you will not pour the hot or boiling water inside the candle jar. For the complete steps, you can follow these instructions of how to clean out a candle jar.

  1. Prepare the pot and water

Get your pot. Then, place the candle jar inside the pot. After that, you can easily pour the hot water in the pot.

  1. Remove the softened wax

The next step of how to clean out a candle jar is to wait for the wax to get softened. It will take some moments and you can check the softened wax. Then, you need to remove the wax manually. The duration to soften the wax depends on the thickness level of wax, so you need to be patient. Once you have done with cleaning job, you can use the same finishing touches to clean the jar.


Another Method by Using Oven

Then, the last method is by using oven. This idea may sound strange, but it is quite effective to do. However, heat is the effective way to clean the wax. This is easy since you only need to wait for the process and it is even faster and easier to do.

The process is easy since you only need to set the heat to the 180 degree. You have to prepare tinfoil. If you do not have it, you can use parchment paper. Then, you can place the candle jar upside down, so later the wax will melt and it will fall to the paper or foil. This will take around 15 minutes. Of course, you still need to scrape to fully clean the jar, especially when there are still enough thick wax residues. For the finishing touch, you can follow the similar steps as the other methods of how to clean out a candle jar.