Understanding how many times a week should I wash my hair should be a very important matter. Washing hair determines whether or not the hair looks nice and clean every day. When you have long hair, or even when your hair is short, and you never wash them, it will look clumpy and oily. You do not want this to happen as it will alter your physical appearance really greatly. Unwashed hair also brings a lot of problems such as dandruff, bad smells and itchy on the scalps. This is why washing hair is a very essential thing.

It becomes norm these days that people should wash their hair a couple times a week. However, washing hair is not that simple as you will have to consider a few factors as well. The factors will be explained here and there is a lot more information that you should understand about hair washing process every day. Read the information below and you will have a better understanding about hair washing, starting from how many times a week you should do that to the information about the type of hair that should be washed less and more.

To make sure your hair is going to look dashing and smells great every day, wash them properly but before that read this information here. It should help you in deciding whether or not cleaning up the hair every day is a really good decision. Below, you will find the correct information about how many times a week should I wash my hair so that you won’t make the mistake of washing the hair too often or too rarely, which can be a problem sometimes. Here is the information for you to read and to understand about hair washing.


How Many Times a Week Should I Wash My Hair: Factors to Consider

There are a several factors indeed when it comes to the question of how many times a week should I wash my hair. Not everyone has the same, exact type of hair and it is such a great, affecting factor to the hair washing frequency. Besides of that, there are a couple other factors, too. Read more about them on the information provided below.

  1. Oil and Sweat

Oil and sweat are like the determining factors of hair washing. When their hair and scalp are covered with oil and sweat, they will have to be cleaned immediately. If you do not wash your hair after being sweaty all day long or you know that you have oily scalp but ignore the hair washing, the scalp and hair will soon get covered by sebum and dandruff eventually. You do not want this happens. It causes itching and clumpy-looking hair.

  1. Type of Hair

There are certain types of hair that needs hair washing in daily basis. However, several types of hair also do not need them at all. Say for example, straight hair needs more frequent hair washing compared to curly hair. The nature of straight hair is more oily and they are prone to sebum. Curly hair is naturally drier. They do not need to be washed every day or else it will ruin the puff of the curls instead.

  1. Styling Products

Using hair styling product is a common thing these days. People can prep their hair in the morning with the help of cans of hairspray, hair gel, pomade and many more. These products leave residues on the hair and they needs to be washed by the end of the day. So, if you use a lot of styling products, wash your hair after that. It will help getting rid of any residual substance from the styling products on the hair.


Washing Hair Average Frequency

So, how many times a week should I wash my hair? Well, the answer is varying between one person and another. However, we should take a ballpark figure and see the average. The average time frequency of hair washing for most people is going to be informed here. There will be information as well about what happens when you wash your hair too often or too rarely.

  1. Hair Washing Frequency Per Week

The average hair washing frequency per week for most people is 2-3 times a week. It should help maintaining the hair to look shining and healthy, without drying them out because you get the shampoo on the hair too often. There are risks of doing the hair washing too frequently and too rarely. So, doing it just in the right amount of time is always suggested.

  1. What Happens When You Wash the Hair Too Often?

The most common thing to happen when you wash your hair too often is that the hair is going to dry out. Shampoo is indeed the right substance to get poured over the head. However, they are still chemical substance whatsoever and using them too often will draw the natural moisture of the hair instead.

  1. What Happens When You Don’t Wash the Hair?

What happens when you do not wash the hair or do it very rarely is the uncomfortable feeling you would experience. The hair will get covered by oils, sweat and sebum. The roots of the hair will soon develop dandruff as well. You will feel really itchy on the scalp and scratching them will cause dandruff flakes to fall off, which is not a nice thing to see.


Who Should Wash the Hair Daily?

Hair washing is such a unique thing. Sometimes, someone needs to wash their hair like every day and some people can even go days without doing so. Who should wash their hair daily? Well, if you have these conditions or you are included as the people with the same situation as these ones below, the answer to that question of how many times a week should I wash my hair for you is every day.

  1. Those who Exercise and Sweat a Lot

If you work outdoor or if you run a lot in day, you should wash the hair every single day. As stated before, sweat is one of the most determining factors when it comes to hair washing. Do not ever let the hairs get covered by sweat and unwashed it. It will turn into something much worse and disturbing like the dandruff and itch on scalp.

  1. Those who live in Humid Place

If you are living in an area with humid weather or it is mostly sunny in your area and make you sweat a lot, clean up your hair every day. It will help getting rid of the sweat and oil from the hair caused by the nature of your surroundings. If you live in areas like this, use something to protect your hair as well, like a cap or hood.

  1. Those with Oily Scalp

There are people who were born with oily scalp. Usually, it is like something genetic and there is nothing to be ashamed about this condition. When your scalp is oily, the only thing to do in order to keep them nice and clean is to wash the hair every day.


Who Can Go Days without Washing the Hair?

From the information above, you can tell that certain types of people are like destined to wash the hair every day. In a twist of fate, there are also people who do not even have to wash their hair frequently. Washing their hair too often can damage their hair instead. Who are they? The information about that can be seen further below so you can tell who will have the answer of “never” to the question of how many times a week should I wash my hair.

  1. Those with Dry Hair

Some people are born with dry hair. The dry hair is often caused by the less-oily scalp as well. So, if your scalp and hair are in this dry condition, you should not wash the hair too often. Simply do it once a week and it will be fine.

  1. Those with Curly Hair/Textured Hair

People with textured hair or tight curly hair, like the hair of most African-Americans; do not need to wash their hair frequently. Over washing in this type of hair will cause problems instead. The problems are including damage to the hair and severe hair lost. This is why people with this kind of hair do not need to do the hair washing every day like most people do.

  1. Those with Braids/Dreadlocks

A lot of people style their hair with dreadlocks or braids. When people have dreadlocks, it is impossible to wash their hair every day as it will be too much of a work. People with dreadlock do not wash their hair with shampoo. They often use other options to clean up their hair like using dry shampoo or other cleaning solutions. But surely, the answer to the question of how many times a week should I wash my hair for people with dreadlocks is like never.