In fact, determining ‘what is my eye shape’ can be a really good question for everyone, particularly women. People tend to take the shape of eyes for granted as they do not see any differences or significances of understanding them. However, for you who want to look the best, surely the eye shape will have a lot of things to do to the makeup selections and more.

There are many, like more than 10 different types of eye shapes all around the world. It happens because the shapes of the eyes are heavily influenced by someone’s ancestral heritage, surrounding and many more. However, there will be just three different eye shapes to talk about here as these three are the most common ones and apparently tons of people have these kinds of eye shapes.

Before getting to the characteristics of the shapes of the eyes, which helps to determine what is my eye shape quite easily, you can also read the reason why understanding the eye shape is really important. Now without further ado, here is the full explanation about the eye shapes, starting from its importance to its characteristics to every type.


What is My Eye Shape: Why is This Important?

Below, there will be several reasons why understanding what is my eye shape should be quite important. After reading that, there is no way that you will take them for granted anymore. Eye shapes are basically determining the look of the face. It is not a lie as the focal point of someone’s face is often being on the eyes. Well, here are some reasons of the determination importance.

  1. Selecting the Right Eye Makeup

There is no doubt that the shape of the eyes will affect the makeup. When it comes to the eye makeup, you will have to do something like concealing the flap of skin under the eyes or making a fake crease to widen the eyes. By understanding the shape of the eyes, you can determine what to do on the makeup easier and not doing anything that is unnecessary.

  1. The Eye Shape Affects Vision

It is believed that eye shapes heavily affect vision. Some people with smaller shape of eyes, small iris or elongated iris are said to have slightly worse vision. This is the reason why understanding the eye shape is heavily important. You will find it easier to maintain the vision and the health of your eyes easily when you know exactly what shape of your eyes is.


The Round Eyes Characteristics

One of the most common eye shapes in the world is round eyes. How to tell that you have round eyes? Just take a look at your eyes and then read these characteristics of round eyes. If they look like your eyes, then you have definitely round eyes on the face. Here are some characteristics of the eyes for you to understand ‘what is my eye shape’.

  1. The Crease is Visible

You can tell you have round eyes by telling the crease of your eyes is totally visible. Sometimes, in smaller types of eye, the crease isn’t even there. If your crease is really visible and it is there right on top of the eyelid, it means the shape of the eyes is round and you, without a doubt, have round eye shape.

  1. The Iris is Fully Surrounded

Now open your eyes to the fullest and see if your iris is fully surrounded by the white part of the eyes. Those with round eyes are usually having wider eyes and then the iris is located right in the middle of the eyes, fully surrounded by the white part of the eyes. Celeb example for this eyen shape is, of course, the Olsen Twins or Zooey Deschanel.


The Almond Eyes Characteristics

Besides round eyes, almond eyes are also very popular eye shapes. What are the characteristics of this kind of eyes? You can read the information below, so you can tell ‘what is my eye shape’ and see if it’s the almond eyes.

  1. The Eyes Look Upturned

When you have almond eyes, your eyes will look upturned. It makes the eyes look like having a winged, pointy edge. It surely looks gorgeous and this is why a lot of people consider this type of eyes is just the best. Many people seem to have this kind of eyes. It is like the monolid eye shape (Asian type of eye shapes) but a slightly wider.

  1. The Iris Touches Top and Bottom of the Eyelid

The eyes are quite small and the iris is even touching the bottom part and the top part of your eyelid. It allows the eyes to look more focused. Some celebrities with this type of eyes are including Eva Longoria and Mila Kunis.


The Hooded Eyes Characteristics

The last type of eye shape to talk about here is hooded eyes. As you can tell by the name, this type of eye shape is going to appear thicker for sure. To see if you have this kind of eye shape and determining what is my eye shape correctly, read the information down below.

  • There’s a Flap of Skin under the Eyes

The characteristic of the eye is the flap of skin under the eyes. There are many people who have this kind of eye shape and they do have to do a lot of work on makeup to conceal them. The celeb example for this type of eyes is Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence.

  • The Eyes Look Droops Down

The most common characteristic of the hooded eyes is probably the “droopy” look. Yes, the thick hood or flap of skin under the eyelid makes the eyes look heavy and droop down. It is not a bad thing, though; as it is a natural things that happen all the time when you have this kind of eye shape. Well, this explanation should really help you determining ‘what is my eye shape’ easily.