Creating a bold look does not have to be only with applying make up with dark color. To look outstanding, people try many things to excel their day to day look. One of the tricks is by adding a ring to a part (or some parts) of their body, or we all know as piercing. While ear piercing is kind of common, other kinds of piercing, as in nose or even mouth is getting more popularity these days. Despite people’s frown toward the ones with quirky piercing, it seems like people with piercing are trying to defy what bad mouths say about it. To pierce your body part, it takes different healing times. Ear piercing is the quickest in terms of healing. However, how long does it take for a nose piercing to heal? That’s what this article is going to reveal.

It is fun to know that piercing has a long history before existing in our nowadays life. The first ancient piercing was found in the form of a stone relief in an Assyrian city named Nimrud. The stone relief portrayed a man with a pierced ear. Dated back in around 9 BC, it was not clearer than this mummified body with a large piercing of around 7-10 mm in diameter. As a matter of fact, the mummified corpse was aged over 5,000 years old.

Piercing is indeed a brave act to enhance your look, but without a decent knowledge before the deed, it may danger you as well. That is why before planning for a visit to a piercing shop near your place, it is best to infuse ‘Piercing 101’ to your knowledge. Regarding piercing, there are plenty aspects to know especially if you are a novice to such fashion trend. Maybe you wonder about the same thing just like we mentioned earlier – how long does it take for a nose piercing to heal. Some others may wonder how the process is and where on the nose can the piercing take place. Another guy will ask about how to take care of it so that it heals fast. We will try to reveal it bit by bit.


Nose Piercing Random Facts

If you are a gen Y, Z, or even a millennial, nose piercing is not even a new thing for you. In some culture, it may be considered as quirky and stigmatized, but not in others. As a matter of fact, nose piercing is one of the most notable cultures in India. Never heard any? Probably you should try watching a Bollywood movie.

The culture was brought to this one of the biggest countries in Asia by Moghul Emperor, dated back around the 16th century. The piercing is mostly given to girls coming of age, which was also implies marriageability too. Starting in India, the tradition was spread to other Asian regions and also European regions as well. Finally, in the 80s, European punk culture adopted this nose piercing and infused this to their fashion style as well.

Since then, there are many people taking nose piercing as part of their style. While nostril piercing is the most common piercing done, there are many other piercing styles like septal piercing, rhino piercing, bridge piercing, and nasallang piercing. What could be the difference among those piercings?

  1. Nostril piercing: the piercing is located only in one side of nose.
  2. Nasallang piercing: the piercing goes through both nostrils and the septum. So, from outside you will look like having two nostril rings. But the fact is you only attach one straight barbell ring that connects both nostrils.
  3. Rhino piercing: this type is also known as vertical tip piercing. Curved barbell ring is pierced around your nose tip area.
  4. Bridge piercing: a kind of piercing where you place the ring in between the eyes bridge. Since the bridge area tends to be bony, it is more challenging to attach the ring here. Rejection can be a problem if you pick this option.
  5. Septal piercing: septum piercing is the fastest pierce type, just like its name suggests, this piercing puts the ring through the nasal septum. There is this specific spot where the piercing should be done; otherwise it is way more painful since it hits the cartilage.


How Long Does It Take for a Nose Piercing to Heal? Answering Your Queries!

Piercing will promote ‘damage’ in your nasal area. And of course, a healing process should be done after the piercing is done so that it does not cause any further damage. Nose piercing, just like any other kinds of piercing, will make yourself more prone to a local infection. But that is not the only problem: hypersensitivity to metals can occur as well. Several risks due to nose piercing will be informed later in this article.

Back to our ultimate wonder, how long does it take for a nose piercing to heal? Well, it depends to where and how you pierce your nose. The rule of thumb is, the more complex your piercing is, the more time you will need to give a cure to the post-piercing spot. Based on that statement alone, septum piercing is the fastest pierce type to heal since the pierced spot requires thinner tissues to ‘damage’, making its recovery bouncy fast. Piercing aftercare is also important to determine how fast the recovery is. In average, it takes 4-6 months to the piercing to heal. Septum and bridge piercing can take much fewer times, even until one to two months. Why so, thanks to its more superficial ‘damage’ it tends to heal quicker than any other types of piercing, such as nostril, nasallang, and even rhino pierce.

You might wonder how to properly take care of your nose pierce. Below are the tricks:

  • Clean the pierced area with saline solution. To make the solution, diffuse salt (¼ teaspoon) with 8 oz of plain water.
  • Never use alcohol to clean it. Let alone using hydrogen peroxide.
  • Also, you need to do these:
    • Never touch the area pierced with dirty hands
    • Don’t even try to remove the ring yourself if you have change of mind, go back to the piercing shop and ask them to detach the accessories.
    • Minimize the use of makeup around the area
    • Minimize (or if you can, avoid) going for a swim.

Well, everyone’s pierce healing is different. So, basically it is quite hard to determine how long does it take for a nose piercing to heal, because it simply has plenty of considerations to think about.


Risks Associated to Nose Piercing

Well, despite its amazing looks on your style, getting a piercing with the help from a professional does not mean you are free from risks. Several risks that may involve nose piercing will be mentioned below:

  • Necrosis

Necrosis simply means the death of a certain tissue, so in terms of nose piercing, necrosis refers to the death of nasal tissue. The cause is mainly untreated infection, and further it may turn the tissue itself to be deformed.

  • Infection

Known as Staphylococcus, this kind of bacteria is commonly found as the cause of skin infection. If this nano creature presents in your piercing area, an infection may occur. The signs will include swelling and pain. Pus and bleeding may occur too if the infection is way worse.

  • Rejection

It means your body does not want any contact with the certain metal used as the ring material. The manifestation can come in the form of hypersensitivity. Rash and pruritus are the mainly visible symptoms.

  • Hematoma

It is defined as a localized pool of blood outside of its vessels. Usually hematoma is caused by either a disease or a trauma. Post-piercing hematoma may disrupt your breathing, causing pain, and also causing a swollen area.



Now you know the answer for ‘how long does it take for a nose piercing to heal’. It should come as a precaution for you before heading to the piercing shop. Knowing what metal allergy you are having could also help you to better choose which rings to use. To lower the chance of getting a hypersensitivity reaction, titanium rings are usually offered.

Titanium can be considered as the safest metal you can use for body parts’ jewelry. There are also rings made from surgical stainless steel, and usually this will cost you cheaper than getting titanium jewelries. However, despite its ‘surgical’ name, titanium is more biocompatible compared to this stainless steel. The gorgeous, precious metal called gold may be perfect to be made as accessories, especially jewelries like rings. However, if you are having a sensitive skin, it is better to dodge this option.

Other kinds of metals, such as sterling silver (the alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper) and nickel cannot be recommended to be used as nose piercing ring. Many people develop a kind of rash whenever their skin is exposed to nickel. While sterling silver, it easily tarnishes and can cause a quick allergic reaction due to its copper. It may also influence how long does it take for a nose piercing to heal. As suggestion, people new to nose piercing are recommended to use titanium ring first to try.