You look beautiful and elegant with perfect eye makeup. This situation is what the women always want. After long day, you can go home for rest. However, the task is not done because your face still has make-up, particular on the eyes. This is where you have duty for finding answer on how to remove eyemakeup.

Eye makeup takes long time to do perfect shape with delicate touch, even the simplest one is quite exhausting. On the other side, wiping and cleaning are not big problem as long as you know what to do. You may think about keeping makeup and wash the face in the morning. That’s not good idea because the problem may appear, such as clogged pores which lead to the blackhead, acne, and whitehead. Cleaning face and eye is necessary to do as soon as possible.

There are few things that you should understand before applying the method regarding how to remove eyemakeup. Eye is the most sensitive organ in human. You should put extra measure when doing makeup and cleaning it. Facial cleaner is the best and fastest option that can wipe all makeups on the entire face area. Of course, you cannot resist this one if you do not have much time for wiping. This is common mistake that you often have. Applying eye make takes effort and you must allocate the same condition for removing it. Eye is sensitive, particularly for injury if you do the wrong ways. Therefore, check the following sections for the proper cleaning method on eye make-up.


How to Remove Eyemakeup with Olive Oil and Warm Water

You can use combination between olive oil and warm water on how to remove eyemakeup. This method has been favorite choice because it is very effective with less irritation risk. Olive oil will soften the make-up and deteriorate its components. After that, you just wipe it slowly and smoothly. Follow the below instruction for more steps.

  • Prepare olive oil and warm water.
  • Mix with proportion 1:1 or more for olive oil.
  • Dip the cotton pad into olive oil and scrub it on eye area directly.
  • Do not wipe back and forth, but go straight one direction.
  • Repeat it again with new cotton until all make-up is completely gone.
  • Rinse eyes with warm water and apply facial cleanser.
  • Rinse again and dry with fresh linen.

From the steps above, you must have more olive oil when mixing into water. This oil is preferable due to lack of sensitiveness when touching your eyes. As you know, oil and water are safer than chemical cleanser. You do not want the eyes to obtain irritation, right? Even though water still makes the eyes feel uncomfortable, the situation will be better after taking a rest. Furthermore, olive oil has nutrient that balances the skin pores in order to avoid extreme clogged.

This method on how to remove eyemakeup uses some materials and tools, such as water, olive oil, cotton bud, and clean linen. During wiping, make sure you only apply one-direction brush. It is normal thing for removing make-up on face, including the eyes. You surely do not want the residue to be back into the skin again.


Using Baby Shampoo to Remove the Makeup

As alternative, there is one thing you can apply on how to remove eyemakeup. For that purpose, you should try baby shampoo. This kind of shampoo has some benefits such as affordable, tear-free, and easy to implement. Affordable means you can buy more for doing many cleanings. If you often wear eye makeup daily, the cleaning might need high cost if you rely on facial cleanser. Even olive oil is not as cheap as you think. Moreover, baby shampoo is tear-free which means no sensitive eyes after cleaning is done. This is the obvious reason because the shampoo is dedicated for baby. Last benefit is easy and simple to implement. This part will be explored in the following list.

  1. Apply tap water on eye area

Before applying baby shampoo, you must wet the eye with tap water. This process is necessary to destroy the makeup integrity. Furthermore, you cannot apply shampoo in dry surface. The result is not optimum, even the bad idea at all. Therefore, keep your eyes on wet condition at medium level.

  1. Put baby shampoo and rub smoothly

You have two ways when applying baby shampoo. Firstly, you can use cotton bud and rub the eyelid smoothly. It takes time because only small amount of shampoo is needed when cleaning makeup. The process is delicate yet very precise. Secondly, you can pour shampoo on your hand and put directly on the eyes. This method will cover the entire area and very efficient. One drawback is you must do extra rubbing. During this process, close your eyes.

  1. Wipe and wash with warm water

After the shampoo covers your eyes, the last part is wiping and washing them with warm water. Rinse your face and eyes carefully. Use dry ad smooth cloth for final wiping.


Related Information on Removing the Eyemakeup

From explanation above, now you understand what to do when removing eye makeup. The process takes time and effort in order to obtain excellent result. If you wear makeup every day, baby shampoo is the best option. You only need this one and cleaning is ready anytime. The process does not have to be at home. You can remove makeup in any place as long as you have enough proper water. Furthermore, you only need to bring cotton bud and fresh cloth for this method.

One common problem is sensitivity that eyes have while removing makeup. You should be careful to not put extra force in the eye area. That’s why most of makeup cleanser has smooth texture. Facial cleanser has relatively safe compound but still has sensitive aspect when touching the eyes directly. If you do cleaning every day, there is a chance for having irritation at several levels. Olive oil and water will make smooth irritation condition but not harsh and severe ones. Baby shampoo is tear-free but the water and residue might touch your eyes. This is when you feel uncomfortable using it frequently.

There are other methods for removing eye makeup. Before you try one by one, consult the expert and professional for second opinion. They will recommend the best method and tool. Ask them about how to remove eyemakeup, and then choose the method that’s suitable for you.