The methods on how to get nail polish out of clothes are often sought, especially by women. Women do love doing their nails and painting them using nail polish. The bad thing about nail polish is that when it drips into clothes, it will dry out immediately and leave stains on the clothes. This could be problematic, especially when the clothes are white or in other bright colors.

Removing nail polish stains from the clothes or fabric can be quite tricky if you have no idea. This is why every woman, particularly those who love doing their fingernails need to understand the best removal methods for the stain. Below, there are several of them that will be explained. Surely, it will help them getting rid of the stain without having to damage their clothes.

Before trying these methods, make sure you read them carefully and choose which one should be best for your stained clothes. Say for example, one of these methods below is using bleach. Surely you cannot attempt this removal method if the stained clothes are made out of silk or other delicate type of fabric. Choose wisely and surely you won’t severely damage the clothes.


How to Get Nail Polish out of Clothes Using Acetone

The first methods on how to get nail polish out of clothes right here is by using acetone. Acetone is the liquid solution that you surely know when you do a lot of nail painting. Yes, acetone is the nail polish removal and naturally they can be used to remove the stains from the fabric.

To remove the stained clothes using acetone, there are several things that you need. They can be read down below along with the step-by-step tutorial. This should be the first method you try as acetone is widely accessible and usually a staple in every woman’s makeup box.

What You Need:

  • Acetone (Nail polish remover)
  • Small clean sponge
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Tissue paper


  1. Soak excess nail polish stains on the clothes by wiping them using tissue paper. Let the tissue absorb the excessive amount of nail polish on the stain.
  2. Drizzle acetone/nail polish remover on directly on the stain. Rub it a little bit using a small, clean sponge.
  3. When the stain started fading, use rubbing alcohol to clean up the residual color from the nail polish stains.
  4. Wash the clothes immediately using warm water and mild soap.
  5. The clothes should be stain free after that.


Removing Nail Polish Stains from Clothes Using Hydrogen Peroxide

If acetone does not really work for the nail polish stain removal, you can try this method instead. This method on how to get nail polish out of clothes is using hydrogen peroxide. This solution is often used for cleaning up and this chemical ingredient is pretty effective in removing even the hardest stain.

Remember that hydrogen peroxide is quite a harsh material. Always wear latex gloves when working with them. Also, bear in mind that this chemical material has the same effect as bleach when it comes to clothes/fabric. Thus, do not use them when the stained material is made out of soft, delicate fabric.

What You Need:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide
  2. Clean towel
  3. Mild soap
  4. Cotton swab


  1. Dab the stained area of the clothes using hydrogen peroxide. If you do not like getting in contact with them, simply use cotton swab to dab the hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Bolt the stained area using clean towel. If the stains are not going anywhere, repeat the process until the stained clothes are free from the nail-remover stain.
  3. Wash and rinse the clothes using warm water and you are basically done.


Nail Polish Stain Removal Using Hairspray

There is one thing in your makeup box that maybe useful for removing nail polish stains. It is the can of hairspray. Yes indeed, hairspray is quite useful when it comes to how to get nail polish out of clothes. Spraying them on the stained clothes can help removing the stain for goods.

When choosing to use this method as the removal attempt on the stain, make sure that the hairspray you are about to use is the clear one. Sometimes, hairspray is completed by colors to make shades to the hair. Colored hairspray will create more stains instead of cleaning them up.

What You Need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Hairspray
  • Dry-cleaning solution
  • Mild soap
  • Small brush/ toothbrush


  1. Remove excess nail polish from the stain by applying tissue paper on top of the stain.
  2. Spray hairspray on top of the stain. Wait until the spraying liquid is fully absorbed by the fabric.
  3. Use the toothbrush to scrub the stain away. Move the toothbrush on circular motion until the stain fades away.
  4. Finish cleaning up the stain by applying dry-cleaning solution onto the stained fabric.
  5. Wash the fabric using mild soap and warm water.
  6. Dry the fabric and the stain should be gone by now.


Removing Stains from Nail Polish by Using Bleach

The last method on how to get nail polish out of clothes is by using bleach. This should be the last option as bleach has massive effect to fabric and sometimes it is not a good one. Bleach can alter the color of the fabric as well as the sturdiness of it.

Do not soak the stained fabric entirely in the bleach. Use limited amount of them instead and use them on the stained area only. This will minimize the damage bleach can do to the fabric. Also, wash them through and through to remove any residue of the bleach afterward.

What You Need:

  • Bleach
  • Small Sponge
  • Small Brush
  • Mild Soap


  1. Pour bleach on top of the stain. Wait until the bleaching liquid is absorbed by the stained fabric.
  2. Scrub the stain using toothbrush until the stain is fading away.
  3. Pour more bleach on a small sponge and use the sponge to finish scrubbing the stain.
  4. Wash the clothes properly using mild soap and warm water. Make sure the stain is all gone and dry air the fabric afterward. This is one of the best methods on how to get nail polish out of clothes.