Skin pores always have the same issue, which is clogged. This condition happens because the materials are trapped at the top and inside the pores. The examples of them are dead skin, dirt, oil, sweat, and debris. Well, dead skin is common the main factor because it is easily trapped and difficult to remove directly. The excess oil and sweat are from skin cell that you must let them go. After knowing the factors, you should find the method regarding how to get rid of clogged pores.

Dead skin is normal in human, but it must be cleaned properly. For the dirt and dust, you can get them from external sources. Bad weather and pollution will produce dirt that attached on the skin. Well, skin has sweat and oil glands as a part of metabolism. However, you can produce more when the body is changed.

Several methods are available to overcome the clogged pores. You can try using exfoliation as the most popular method. Another option is steam including scrubbing directly on the face. The last one is charcoal mask that you wear to absorb the materials from pores. For more information, check the following sections.


How to Get Rid of Clogged Pores with Exfoliation

As it mentioned above, how to get rid of clogged pores can be done with exfoliation. This is part of cosmetic product that’s available with many brands and composition. One thing before buying your own exfoliation is to note the ingredient and side effect. Mostly, chemical substance is the best because it gives the quick result and easy to implement. Furthermore, the result is excellent that you can see directly.

  1. Rinse and clean skin

Before adding exfoliation, you should rinse and clean the skin with warm water. The clogged pores occur when your skin is lack of water level. Dehydration also makes dead skin will stay at pores. Furthermore, cleaning skin is preliminary step to control the oil. Your skin has to be clean before implemented the next step.

  1. Adding chemical exfoliation

Exfoliation can be applied directly into your skin. This product will get rid of clogged pores as similar to applying the soap. First, put it slowly and equally in the skin with high clogged area. You can do smooth massage slowly. This process makes the skin more elastic. After that, you can use brush to clean exfoliation. Make sure all skin is clear before starting again with the new one. You can do this process before sleeping at night.


Appling Steam and Scrub for Clogged Pores

As we know, our skin has oil gland that produces enough oil to moisturize the skin. It also has function to balance the dryness and maintain the water level at outer skin. Besides oil, the skin pores are like the gate where sweat comes out from the body. When you do activity, the sweat is produced in order to maintain water level. If the body is in idle condition, the water is controlled via kidney. However, the quick balance is effective through skin because the sweat maintains metabolism. Both oil and sweat are necessary for body. Unfortunately, both may stay in the pores that creates clogged.

One method about how to get rid of clogged pores is steam. You can use hot water and point the steam directly on the skin. This process is simple but takes time because the steam is easily spreading without enclosed perimeter. You need certain tool in order to gather the steam in one place. Furthermore, the skin should be cleaned before applying steam on pores.

Hot steam will expand skin pores that let anything inside to come out easily. This is the main purpose why you must increase the temperature on outer skin. Normally, the pores turn into big size during hot climate because you must get rid of sweat as much as possible. However, the temperature changes quickly, and the excess sweat is still in pores. After the skin receives steam, you must use scrub to collect all residues. The last part is using cold water to make the skin pores into normal size.


The Benefits of Charcoal Mask

Another method on how to get rid of clogged pores is charcoal mask. The process is much effective if you want comprehensive treatment. Furthermore, the charcoal mask is good for long term. Your skin will be healthy with enough mineral to maintain integrity. Charcoal is also suitable for keeping the skin from unwanted dirt that always happens when you are in highly polluted environment. Follow the below steps when applying charcoal mask.

  • Prepare the charcoal mask
  • Apply it on your skin, especially the face
  • Wait for at least 5 hours
  • Get rid of the mask slowly
  • Rinse the skin with cold water

Charcoal mask requires extra time to absorb the dead skin and dirt. You can use it at night before sleeping and get rid of the mask in the morning. Be careful when removing the mask if you do not like adding the scratch on skin. Before rinsing with cold water, check it again and make sure the mask is completely depleted from your skin.


Preventive Measures on Deal with Clogged Pores

As it mentioned above, the clogged pores are common in human skin. You can get rid of them regularly in order to maintain the healthy skin. On the other side, the most important part on how to get rid of clogged poresis preventive measure. You can understand where the oil, dead skin, dirt, and sweat come from. This is useful reference before implementing preventive measure. Check the below list for more methods.

  1. Skin protector

Skin protector is necessary if you go out in broad daylight. Sunlight is capable to destroy the outer skin if it is exposure too long. In general, you can avoid sunlight by staying inside the room. However, the situation might not be in your favor and you must go to certain place. Therefore, just wear protector as direct preventive measure from the dirt and debris.

  1. Healthy food

Your foods affect skin condition. If you eat too much junk food, there is probability that your skin will produce more oil. Moreover, the food is capable to maintain the skin integrity, especially for outer layer that easily deteriorates. You should eat more fruits and vegetables in order to improve the skin tone to be healthier.

The last preventive measure related on how to get rid of clogged pores is mental condition. Avoid stress and you should sleep properly. Your skin will be in good condition without clogged pores if your mental state is at the best condition.