For women, hair becomes important aspect in their look and appearance. That is why they struggle hard to get best hairstyle. There are actually many kinds of hairstyles and haircuts. One of these styles is about the bangs. Bangs are actually parts of the hairs and these are found in some hairstyles, such as the bob. Although it may look simple, it is quite tricky to get the best bangs and blow the bangs. If you are also having bangs on your hair and you are struggling to deal with it, the tips and steps of how to blow dry bangs will be useful information for you.

It is true that bangs can become tricky parts to deal with. It is the front part of the hair. It frames the face. That is why small mistakes or bad look on the bang will surely make you feel ashamed and it does not give good things at all. In this case, you will get the solution. There are some tips to get the good bangs and there are also some ways to blow dry the bangs, so you are able to get the best form of bangs after you shampoo the hair.


Some Tips to Blow the Dry Bangs

When it talks about bangs, everyone may have different preferences. There are many kinds of bang types. However, when it talks about the common bangs, people will always love to have the flat instead of the bubble bangs. Bubble bangs are no longer a trend nowadays, so people will love to have flat and straight bang. In this case, creating the flat and straight can be done by using some tricks.

The first important point is about your choice of comb. In this case, round comb is the one you should avoid. This commonly makes people create mistake and they will only get the bubble bang. Of course, flat brush will become the best choice to get the flat and straight bangs. This can also be important equipment to have in the steps of how to blow dry bangs. For the alternative, it may be replaced with the paddle brush. In addition, while combing, you can use the hairdryer. In this part, it is important to make sure that the hairdryer will follow the movement of comb, so it can dry the bang effectively.


How to Blow Dry Bangs by Prepping the Hair

After dealing with few tips about creating and blowing dry the bang, it is time to specifically discuss the steps of how to blow dry bangs. The first method is to use the manual way. It is by pepping the hair. Since it is manual and natural way, it will not use the hairdryer.

  1. Wash the hair

In washing the hair, it is important to know that using shampoo and conditioner everyday will never be good the hair and scalp. It is better to apply the products several times in a week. Then, it is important to avoid hot water for washing the hair. It is better to use the warm water. Once it is done, towel will be needed to absorb the water.

  1. Use the serum of heat protectant

The serum is important to keep the hair stay healthy. It can keep the moisture in the hair, so the hair, including the bang will never get dried. However, few drops are enough for the whole area of hair. Regarding the bangs, it only needs few serums, so the bang looks natural and it does not look greasy.

  1. Comb the hair

This will be the last step of how to blow dry bangs. In combing the hair, it is recommended to use the wide-tooth comb. This will cover larger area and it can make the hair, including the bangs, dry faster. However, in this step, it is important to comb the hair in some segments. That is why it is better to use hairclip to create the hair section.


Drying the Bang Flat Method

The next step uses the hairdryer. Even, this will become the most important part. That is why it can be faster steps of how to blow dry bangs.

  1. Set the hairdryer

After taking bath or washing the hair, you can get the hairdryer. You need the warm instead of the hot for the heat level. Then, you can start by blowing dry the bangs. Bang is commonly shorter than other parts of hair, so it tends to dry faster. Once it dries, it is hard to style it. That is why bang should become the first attention.

  1. Operate the hairdryer

In this case, hold the hairdryer and set the nozzle pointing down directly on the bang. After that, you can comb and let the hairdryer follow the movement. It is important to focus the hairdryer more on the area of root. When the tip of hair is dried already before the root, it is also hard to style the hair.

  1. Get the flat paddle brush

As what is mentioned above, the flat paddle brush is better choice to manage and style the bang. When your hair is thick enough, it is better to make some sections, even when it is only for the bangs.


Blow Dry Bangs to Get the Good Volume

In this part, it is possible to use the round comb. Since it is specifically to create more volumes on the bangs, it will need both the round comb and hairdryer. The process of how to blow dry bangs is quite easy. It is only to twist the hair around the comb and apply the hairdryer above it. However, it is important to pay attention to the distance and heat level, so it will not make the hair burnt.

However, the twisting process only lasts for some minutes. Moreover, the twist is focused on the area of hair root. Then, after for awhile, it can be released. After that, the round comb is needed to flatten and straighten the bang, so it will get the volume, yet it will not be like bubble bang. In this last step of how to blow dry bangs to get the good volume, hairdryer is still needed to style and straighten the bangs.