Almost all women have tried or at least attempted by the idea of having bangs. However, when the act of cutting bangs comes compulsively, it is not rare for them to end up with regret. To get the suitable bangs for your face, various factors such as hair type and face shape should be added into the equation. Having the right tools is also an important part of getting the best chop result. It seems like a lot of work just to cut few strands of your hair, but knowing how to trim bangs on your own correctly will majorly affect the result.

Before you are getting into several tutorials on cutting fringes below, it is better to set up the perfect preparation. The most basic tools you will need are scissors, comb, blow dryer, and some clips. It is not recommendable to use your everyday kitchen scissors. If you don’t have access to stylist scissors, then a pair of scissors that only used to cut bangs is fine. You also need the comb that doesn’t have wide teeth on it, in order to achieve natural looks. Lastly, use the blow dryer to dry your hair beforehand. Cutting wet hair may risk in shorter result than desired.


How to Trim Bangs in Blunt Style

Blunt bangs are arguably the easiest type of fringe to cut. It is the most common look for middle and high school students, but that doesn’t mean a full-grown adult can’t wear them stylishly. The bangs create a bold statement for your look, as they are cut in thick and straight line. There are various length options within the blunt style itself. Here are the steps on how to trim bangs in blunt manner according to the length that you’d prefer.

  1. Have your hair parted in the middle and separate the strands that are going to be cut. The amount of the hair separated determines the thickness of the bangs.
  2. Divide the separated strands into the section: on each side and on the middle. The side parts will be the frame and the middle part will be the “main” bangs. Clip the side parts away.
  3. Place the comb at desired length on the middle part.
  4. Cut the strands straight with the comb as guides.
  5. To create more natural looks and soften the edges, cut few strands vertically.
  6. Unclip the side’s parts and cut them diagonally. Repeat the step 5 for each section.


Trimming the Bangs Side Swept Style

Side bangs are the popular, classic, and timeless looks thanks to their versatility. Another reason why it’s so popular is that they match with any face shape with the right thickness, length, or finish. It is the most preferable option for many people, on any given time and occasion. It is also the style that can match with any vibes: feminine, elegant, sexy, or flirty looks. The fact is if you want to cut your bangs but don’t want to change your looks drastically, then you have found the correct type to go with. Check out the step on how to trim bangsin side swept style below.

  1. Part your hair to the side, preferably on deep side parting style.
  2. Take the strands that are going to be your bangs, about 2 to 3 inches from your hairline according to the thickness that you want.
  3. Put your finger diagonally above the separated strands, at the desired length.
  4. Pick a pair of scissors up and cut it using your fingers’ angle.
  5. Now hold the scissors vertically and cut the end of bangs to soften their edges.


Curtain Style as another Choice

The fringes type that used to be in its peak of popularity during the 70s era, is the retro curtain bangs style. It is the type of bangs that parted in the middle and give frame to your face. It rises to the trend once again nowadays, and for a clear reason: it gives the owner chic, mature, but relaxed appearance. That’s why it is the favorite type of bangs to wear for some celebrities. Even though you are free to give this style a try, but you’d be benefitted even more if you have square or round face shapes. See the steps on how to trim bangsin curtain style in the following tutorial.

  1. Separate the strands of hair with thickness of your desired bangs.
  2. Section them off into two parts with triangle parting shape.
  3. Comb one side and hold the scissors diagonally against it to measure the length. The cut it in 45 degrees angle so the upper part is shorter than the bottom part.
  4. Repeat the step 3 for another section.
  5. See if both sections are cut equally. If they’re not in similar length or shape, trim and tweak them to get ideal result.

Edgy Look with Choppy Style

Choppy bangs made its way to popularity because it looks fun and edgy. Not only it is easy to cut it yourself, this type of fringe cut also requires low maintenance, meaning you do not have to invest in a lot of products just to keep it in place. It is possible to make the choppy bangs in short or long length. Here are the guides on how to trim bangs in choppy style.

  1. Separate the section of hair that you want to cut.
  2. Twist the separated strands and cut the hair at random points. To give the bangs choppier and more angular looks, divide them into several thin parts.
  3. Now place the scissors vertically or at 45 degrees and cut few strands to give it messier appearance.
  4. Release the twisted bangs give some cuts here and there the way you desired it to be.

It is actually easy to cut the bangs on your own without professional helps, as long as you follow the correct steps on how to trim bangs and having the right tools. Cutting your own bangs is a way to save budget and get the style that you want, instead of getting them in shorter or longer length than you desire.