Understanding the difference between BB cream and CC cream is important, especially when you love makeup and love wearing one every single day. These creams are now considered mandatory in every skin care routine. Seen from its appearance and briefly, you can barely see any differences between the creams. You can only tell the difference from its label.

So, what is actually the difference between these creams? If you want to save money and do not have to buy both of them, you need to know the difference. You can find out about it down below. There will be full information about BB cream and CC cream. By the end, you will understand more about it for sure.

The explanation below starts from the definition of both creams. Then, you will be informed about the difference between BB cream and CC cream. You will also find out the details about each type of cream, including the best time to use the creams as well as how to easily use the cream in your makeup routine. Here they are.


Understanding the Creams

Before getting to know the difference between BB cream and CC cream, you actually need to figure out the definition of these creams. When you have no idea about them at all, it will be slightly difficult to tell the difference. Here is the definition for each cream for you to figure out. This way, you can easily determine which one you need more in your makeup routine.

  • What is BB Cream?

BB cream stands from “beauty balm” cream. The cream became popular a few years ago. It is designed for those who do not like to wear thick makeup but still look fresh and flawless on the face. BB cream can replace moisturizer, primer and foundation in a makeup routine. It has hydrating formula to keep the skin moist and fresh throughout the day.

  • What is CC Cream?

CC cream is often considered as the more advanced version of BB cream. CC here stands from “correcting complexion” cream. This cream is generally darker and thicker. It is completed by the ability to cover up flaws on the face, such as acne marks, dark circle around the eyes, dark spots and freckles. CC cream can be used in the same manner as a concealer.


What is the Difference between BB Cream and CC Cream?

Now, here comes the real deal. You can tell the difference between BB cream and CC cream from the explanation down below. There are so many aspects that can differ these creams. However, two of them are more important from the others. They are the consistency of the cream and of course the function of the cream. The further explanation for that is down below.

  • Seen from the Function

The function is mostly the same but BB cream is used in daily basis as the starter for makeup for those who do not want to use layers of foundation. It gives instant polished look to the face. As for CC cream, this cream is going to cover up some flaws on the face. It is used by those who want to disguise the blemishes on the face without using a concealer.

  • Seen from the Consistency

The cream is both liquid-based. They are not runny but quite thick. The CC cream is thicker compared to BB cream. CC cream is thicker because it will have to leave a thicker layer, too, on the face in order to cover up the face’s blemishes and imperfections. They both are applicable by hand, generally.


When to Use BB Cream and CC Cream?

Besides the information of the difference between BB cream and CC cream, you also need to know when to use the cream. The creams can be used at any points in your makeup routine. However, of course there are the best times for you to apply the creams on your face. Here is more information about it.

  • Time to Use BB Cream

BB cream is used right on the fresh face. The cream became popular in the first place because a lot of K-Pop girls in Korea used them all the time. They do not spend time on heavy makeup but instead rely on BB cream only. They literally apply the cream on their face and that is it.

  • Time to Use CC Cream

CC cream is used usually after the moisturizer and foundation. CC cream is often completed by hydrating feature, too, like the BB cream. However, as their purpose is to correct some blemishes, they need some backups, too and the backups come from the foundation applied before the cream.


How to Use the Creams?

After understanding the difference between BB cream and CC cream, you can tell that each of them has different purpose for the face. So, how to use the creams anyway? You can definitely find out about it down below. It will give you the information about the perfect method to squeeze the cream and put it on your face.

  • How to Use BB Cream?

BB cream is often not so thick. However, they are not runny either. So, the best thing to use them is by using beauty blender. Apply some drops of the cream on your palm and dip the beauty blender into the cream. Then, dab the beauty blender all over the face evenly.

  • How to Use CC Cream?

Basically, CC cream is just like BB cream. Sometimes, it is thicker and darker in color as it has the ability to provide coverage for the face’s blemishes. The best method to use the cream is to squeeze it on your hand and use your finger or the tip of beauty blender to put some of the cream on the dark spots or dark circles on your face. The cream will mask those blemishes and that is the main difference between BB cream and CC cream. The CC cream helps you removing the blemishes.