Having long hair with short layers is an absolute fun. You can do a lot of things with the hair of this style. Some people love to grow their hair long. However, sometimes long, straight is pretty much boring. It looks straight and plain. That is why those with long hair are usually looking for some ways to make a little bit more interesting to look at.

One of the ways to do that is to add layers. Layers are done to make the hair has a little bit of volume and texture. So, even from afar, it won’t look plainly straight and boring. The hairstyle will look awesome, too, to be used in any occasions as it has a little bit more style compared to its original long and straight.

For those who are looking forward to change their hairstyle into this style, make sure that the information over here is read. You can make sure that your head is going to be covered with long hair with short layers in just a matter of minutes when you know how to do that exactly. Here is the full information for you to read.


Long Hair with Short Layers Benefits

The first thing you need to know about the long hair with short layers hairstyle is its benefits. There are a lot of benefits or advantages you will certainly get when you have this kind of hairstyle. What are they? You can find more information over here. Read them and you won’t wait any longer to change into this style because you do know there are tons of benefits to get.

  1. Bring in Volume

There is nothing worse than having flat. You want the hair to have volumes and it won’t happen when it is just a plain, long and straight. The short layers are going to get you some volumes. The volumes are added via the texture, allowing you to have extra layers and extra volume on the back of the head, especially.

  1. Allow Flexible Styling

When the hair is full of short layer, it will allow you to try a lot of different styling, including turning the layers into bangs and also turning into up-do and some layers fall naturally on the side. With this hairstyle, styling will come easy and flexibly.


Additional Style Matching with the Hairstyle

The long hair with short layers is not a boring, plain-looking hairstyle. In fact, there are numerous additional styles that you can add to the hairstyle to bring more interesting looks to your appearance. These are some of the best things you can add to the hairstyle. Make sure that when you have this kind of hairstyle, you are not afraid to add these styles. It will enhance the overall look.

  1. Bangs

The most common thing people add to their hairstyle when they have long hair completed by short layers should be the bangs. Bangs have a lot of functions including its main one: covering the forehead. This trick may help when you do have large forehead and you need to bring the attention from there to the hair.

  1. Highlights

As it is now completed by different layers, you can go extra and add more colors to it. So, the it’s not only available in single color but it has highlight on several parts, including on the layers. That way, it will look even more interesting as there will be different shades to go on the head.


The Hairstyle on Curly Hair

To this point, you do understand that long hair with short layers is cool. Yes, it is cool for those who have long, straight. Now, how is about curly? Will this hairstyle match with the curly hair? If you have long, curly hair on your head, do not worry about it as this hairstyle is going to be perfect there, too. Read the information down below about applying this kind of hairstyle to the long, curly hair.

  1. Adding Volumes to the Curls

Curls are full of volumes already. However, when the curls are layered, you can see that the hair gets even bigger and fuller. It is probably perfect for those who really want to have stunning-looking hair on their head, even when they do not have to add extra curls every day.

  1. Perfect for Big Occasions

Long, straight hair will have to be styled to make it perfect for big occasions like weddings or graduations. However, when the hair is naturally curly and you add layers there, you do not even have to do anything else to the hair. It will look as great as it is.


Doing the Hairstyle at Home

Can you do the long hair with short layers hairstyle on your own? Basically you can when you have a little bit of hairstyling skill. This is the information about doing the hairstyle at home. With the help of the information over here, you will be able to find out how to do the style at home, without having to spend a dime on hair salon. There will be some tips, too, for you to get the hairstyle done right.

  1. How to Do it?

You can do this hairstyle at home starting by parting your hair in horizontal lines. Then, make some layers and decide where they are going to be placed. The next thing to do is cut the layers, one by one. You should do this gradually and carefully.

  1. Extra Tips

The tips to make the hair of this kind at home is just to make sure that you have the proper hair-clipping scissors and that you have done it before. If you have not, it is probably a little bit better to ask somebody else to help you. You can ask them to give you a hand when cutting the layers so that it won’t end up messy. The long hair with short layers is going to be done successfully after that.