Haircut and hairstyles are important for women. Even if men also pay attention to how their hairstyles look, it seems that women have greater urgency. That is why women always give special attention for their hairstyles. Even, it is possible to keep changing the hairstyles to find the best or to follow the latest trend. In case you are one of these women paying attention to the hairstyles, you may need to have some references. Specifically, if you love long hairstyle, some tips regarding how to cut long layers will become important insights.

Some people with great hair volume and hair texture will keep their length. It is because it is quite hard to get the natural long hair. If your hair is also beautiful even when it is long enough, it deserves some attentions, including some styling to make it much better. In this case, adding layers becomes one of the simplest ways to make your long hair more beautiful. Just by having some layers, your hair looks stunning and you will look fresher and more attractive.


Some Important Principles to Cut Long Layers

It is true that you do not need to make big changes on your long hair. In this case, adding layers is simple way but it will provide you with stunning results. In this case, before you know how to cut long layers, it is better to know some main principles in making the layered long hairstyle.

Firstly, you have to know that adding layer is not only to make your hairstyle look better and more beautiful. Moreover, it has great impact since it can create effect as if your hair has greater volume. Then, you should be careful with details of how to cut long layers. Although layers may be additional parts, wrong execution will bring big impacts on your look. You have to know your own preference. For example, you prefer the neat and tidy layered long hair instead of the messy and undone styles. It is because the layers can create both of these effects.

Then, layers are usually chosen to give better face frame. In case you are also going to take this option, you have to be careful in cutting the layers. It is better to get the shortest layer for your face frame, so the hair can provide best frame for your cheekbone and chin. These are some important and essential principles of how to cut long layers.


How to Cut Long Layers By Creating Sections

After knowing some important points regarding the layered long hair, it is time to step on the process of how to cut long layers. Firstly, it is to make the layers by using the sections. You can pay attention to these details to get the better results.

  1. Dampen your hair

It is better to have shampoo and conditioner. However, using spray is enough when you feel that your hair is clean enough.

  1. Use comb to detangle your hair

It is recommended to use the toothcomb. You can comb your hair until the end of its tip to make your hair ready. It is important to repeat the step if you often knot or tie your hair. It should be in straight condition.

  1. Create four sections

First two sections are the right and left sides, and these are tied on the back of your head. Then, the third section is the top part or crown of the hair. Then, the last part is for the lowest part of hair. Then, you can use hair clip to secure the section.

  1. Start the cutting process

To create the layers, you can start from the top part. Then, it is continued to the side parts, and the lowest part is for the last session. To get the good lining and length, you can use your pointer and middle finger to hold some parts of the hairs for each cutting segment.


Making the Shaggy Styles for Long Layers

Then second method is by having shaggy layers. You can pay attention to these steps to get the instructions.

  1. Make the preparation

In this part, it is similar to the first method. You need to dampen your hair. You can use hair spray or shampoo your hair. It depends on your own consideration as what is stated on the method above.

  1. Cut the hair

Get your stationary guide ready. By using the guide, you will be able to create the shaggy layers. In this case, you also need to make sections, but it is only to divide some hair for the top of your hair. This will become the important part of the shaggy layers. You can use your forefinger and middle finger and place the hair between them to easily cut the hair. When you are not sure about the length, it is better to make the process step by step. You do not need to cut it short suddenly since it may make you regret.

  1. Cut the surrounding

You will need to move to the surrounding hair. You can make the segments to create the layers. In this case, you can start from the front area. Then you can move to the sides. The key of how to cut long layers is to cut it in some segments for each area, so you can get the perfect layers.


Using the Pony Style

The preparation step is quite similar. You need to dampen and moist your hair for the first part. Then, you can create the ponytail. This is the regular ponytail, and it has nothing special. However, the important part of how to get long layers in this style is to make the unicorn horn. It may sound strange, but it is how to make it.

You can make the unicorn horn by moving your ponytail forward. By doing this, the hair will be pulled and it will be in front of your forehead. After that, you only need to make some segments and cut it each of them to create the layers. With this way, the layers will only be found in your ponytail and it looks nice when you often to use the ponytail. Of course, this can be considered as the easiest step compared to other two methods. You will not need to have many steps since the step of how to cut long layers is only to cut and create the layers on your ponytail.