Eye is a sensitive area in your face. That will be a reason why some beauty products include a prohibition of applying the product to eyes area (including under eyes) in their instruction. Therefore, eye cream products are specially made by the beauty experts to take care of your sensitive area. Then a new question arises: how to apply eye cream properly to make it really works so you can get all the benefits?

Under eye area is the treatment focus of eye cream products since women always concern of this area. Eye cream products commonly have tiny packages, a small tube or a small jar, with applicators in which indicates that you do not need to apply them too much to your under eye area. They are formulated with a fast-absorbed texture that will safe for your sensitive skin.

Puffy eyes, eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles are big terrors that terrify any women in the world: they can gain more 10 years to their real age in appearance. No wonder that eye cream is a must have item, but unfortunately not all people know how to apply eye cream to maintain the under eye skin fresh and bags-free.


Choose the Right Product

Because everyone is special, each of you has different type of skin that needs different treatment including for your eye skin. Moreover, eyes are one of the most important features that will define your look, so they are worth to get the best and the right treatment to maintain your beauty. Before knowing how to apply eye cream, consider these tips to choose the right eye cream product for your skin!

  1. Make priorities

Eye cream products have various formulas depend on your need. There are products for puffiness treatment. Some of them are formulated to treat fine lines and wrinkles, usually containing substances to repair the skin such as vitamin C and vitamin E as antioxidants. Choose the right product based on your need and make sure it is fragrance-free because the sensitive skin around your eye may be irritated by any fragrances.


  1. Test the product sample

You do not want to carelessly buy a product (which commonly is not cheap) but then have to waste it because it irritates your skin. For the start, do some internet researches, watch any beauty vlogger reviews, or ask a friend to help you deciding a choice. Try to ask for some sample once you visit the store.


How to Apply Eye Cream with Easy Steps

Following the directions written in the back of your eye cream tube or under the eye cream jar is not enough. It is also important to search the further instructions about how to apply eye cream and any suggestions from the experts. You can refer to these following steps to help you applying the eye cream!

  1. Clean your face skin

Washing face can give you a clean skin that will maximize the eye cream absorption. Warm water will give you the best cleansing since it helps to open your pore and let your cleanser product reach the dirt that clogs.

  1. Take the cream

Make sure to touch the cream with clean hands. Pump the eye cream tube to get about a pea size of the cream on your ring finger. Use the spatula to take the cream in the right amount if your cream is packaged in a small jar.

  1. Apply the cream

It is suggested to use the ring finger since it has the weakest pressure to your skin to avoid the damage of sensitive skin around the eyes. Pat the eye cream onto the entire circular area surrounded by the eye bone. Do it gently without rubbing your skin.


The Right Time to Apply Eye Cream

Choosing the right time on how to apply eye cream products is important though, in general, they are formulated for a night use since they are thick and containing anti-aging substances. 15 minutes until one hour before lying down to bed is the best time to apply the eye cream to allow your skin absorb them because you do not want to rub them on your pillow sheet. Imperfect eye cream absorption possible the cream to run into your eyes when lying down and cause puffiness or any irritations.

If the eye cream application 15 minutes before sleep stings your eyes, you can try to apply them earlier like around the evening so they will get more time to be absorbed into your skin. Remember to avoid the eye cream from your eye lids. Apply moisturizers to your eye area after the eye cream absorption.

For further eye skin treatment, you can use specialized morning eye cream that has lighter texture or use eye serum with vitamin C and E that provide antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals. Apply the cream or serum through the same steps with night eye cream 15 minutes right before you apply any products including SPF and your make up!


Useful Tips for Applying Eye Cream

Getting the idea of how to apply eye cream properly is actually not enough if you want the best for your eye skin. If applying eye cream is something you can do from the outside, there are some other treatments you can do from the inside of your body to maintain your eye skin health.

  1. Make it routines

To get the best result of your eye cream product, applying them is not just a temporal hype. Good habits will bring good results, so does using eye cream. Make sure to apply the product every day, twice a day is better in the morning and at night. It requires a big effort though, but it worth the good effect on your eye skin.


  1. Keep your skin hydrated

Hydrated skin is important to make any facial treatment products work well. From the inside, drink enough amount of water that human body needs to maintain the natural skin moisture. Do not forget to apply moisturizer right after taking shower. You can have a humidifier in your room to moisture the air around you to avoid dried skin.

  1. Get enough rest

Your sensitive eye skin can be damaged if you do not get enough sleep, since it has many muscles that work the whole day to blink and to represent ay facial expressions.  Sleep around 8 hours every night to refresh your whole body, also avoid to get stressed. Try to be as relax as possible in any situation you have.