People wear makeup for various reasons – some use it to enhance their natural facial features and some use it for a fun tool to play and experiment with. Considering how many variations and colors available there, using makeup for certain purpose, such as wearing makeup for small eyes to make it bigger is definitely a safer and more affordable way than opting for plastic surgery.

Bigger eyes are the feature that believed to make your appearance look more awake and younger. Don’t be mistaken yet, there is a unique beauty and charm in all eye shapes, but sometimes it is worth to impress people with the refreshing doe-eyes. It shouldn’t be considered as nuisance or flaw to have small eyes, but it is also totally normal if you want to make them appear bigger by using makeup.

Now, if you want to create illusion of bigger eyes, the guidance below is here to help. There are plenty of tricks that you are able to do by using eyebrow, eyeliner, eye shadow, eye contour and highlight to make your eyes more pop up. Investing in effective skin care products also help, but this time let’s focus on the right makeup appliances technique. Consider it your luck that there are so many free advices available on the internet in case you struggle to find the correct way to put the eye makeup on.

To make sure that you put out your best look on any occasion, these guides of makeup for small eyes are suitable not only for daily casual looks, but also more formal events such as night party, so follow each necessary step to make your eyes appear bigger. By paying close attention, you’d be able to master the tips and tricks in order to create a stand-out eye makeup look every time you need to.


Eyebrow Shaping for Smaller Eyes

People say all the time that eyebrows are the frame of your face – and they are not totally wrong. You can create various appearances, such as mature or cute looks just by wearing different shapes of eyebrows. However, be careful as applying the wrong shape of eyebrow may turn into an extremely regrettable move. You have to choose a flattering shape for your exact facial features.

Jumping on the eyebrow trend is easy, but always remember they may not compliment your face, especially your eye shape. Just like all beauty features, there is no one size fits all solution, so you need to learn which eyebrow shape will match you the best. Even if the shape is already great, there is a chance that they make people miss how attractive your eyes are.

It is extremely important to give a lot of considerations of your eye shape when you’re trying to find the perfect eyebrow shape. For smaller eyes, dark, large, and bushy eyebrows can make the feature seems lost under it – so try to see how medium to thin eyebrows fit your face.

Eyebrows play a major role on the size of your eyes. The right eyebrow grooming and makeup for small eyes will serve a great frame for your face. Here is a step-by-step guide to find the best eyebrow positioning and shape to create a flattering appearance:

  1. Find the ideal starting point first to shape your eyebrows. Align an eyebrow pencil or ruler straight on your nose’ sides and make a mark.
  2. Point the pencil or the ruler, from the nose corner area to the exact center of your eye to find the best arch spot.
  3. Then tilt the pencil or ruler all the way to the end of your eyebrows, by aligning it from your nose’s corner to your eyes’ outer corner.


Eyeliner Colors and Application to Create Bigger Eyes

The myth that smaller eyes won’t benefit from using eyeliner is an old misconception. It’s true though, that the small size will look even more exaggerated if you apply the eyeliner on the whole perimeter of your eyes. The key is to use eyeliner makeup for small eyes is by applying lighter shade, either in white or pear color to open up the features, and make it brighter and bigger.

Depending on your current mood or the occasions, you are able to make your eyes look larger, rounder, or sharper by wearing eyeliner. This makeup tool can even lift the whole face to make you look more energetic and youthful if you know how to apply it well.

To choose eyeliner that flatters your feature the best, you have to consider your skin tone. Black shade might be too harsh for those of you with fairer skin, so you might find light shade or natural medium brown match better than darker shades. On the contrasting side, black and deep brown eyeliner shades are going to suit perfectly for people with darker skin tones since they complement the tone well and won’t attract any unnecessary attention.

For smaller eyes, it will be great to apply light or flesh-toned shade around the waterline and a bit of darker shade near the lower lash line. This method will create illusion of more opened up and bigger eyes, as well as neutralize the skin redness around.

Follow the steps below to create the best eyeliner positions for smaller eyes:

  1. Set the eyeliner on the ¾ outer part of eyelid and avoid the inner corner part.
  2. Instead of applying it inside the eye rim on the lower lash, opt for a spot underneath lash line.
  3. Use light or white eyeliner shade for the lower lid, but be careful of overly doing it because it will result in awkward appearance.


Eye Shadows Technique to Make Your Eyes Appear Larger

There are plenty of makeup for small eyes techniques to make them appear fuller and bigger, so if you aren’t familiar with cosmetic world, it’s too easy to feel lost during the experiment and exploration. The application of makeup in order to make your eyes more appealing and stands out should be done correctly, or you’d have to face disastrous look that affect your entire look.

Achieving larger eyes look is not the easiest thing in the world, but there is one principle you have to understand: heavier eye shadow won’t necessarily make them look more attractive. In fact, tons of eye shadow makeup will make you appear to be older. Eye shadow is probably the most complex part of eye makeup, so to make it easier, here are some helpful starters to follow:

  1. Start with applying light shimmery shades of eye shadow around your inner corners – be it in nude, white, or silver shade. These light shades will make your eyes look more open up and create a good illusion of distance if applied on the inner part of the eyes.
  2. Use the similar shimmery colors around your brow bone as well as the eyes’ outer corner. This technique will emphasize the larger eye effect.
  3. Apply flesh-tone, beige, or nude eye shadow on the lid area. If you feel like it, you may also use these shades on the outer and inner corner of your eyes.
  4. To experiment and play with dimension and colors, you may combine two different color shades that complement one another, as they will create depth that make your feature pops out.

For the last point, remember that different eye shadow color combinations will suit different types of occasion. Natural shades will match better to wear on daily basis, while heavier and more unique color styles such as glittery or smokey eye makeup looks best on special events such as formal dinner or a night party.


Contour and Highlight Makeup for Small Eyes

Contouring and highlighting your eyes can be done by using various colors, from nude and neutral to bold colors. However, there is a primary rule that you have to keep in mind. The main basic principle of eye contouring and highlighting is pretty much the same as the rest of your face: make certain areas appear prominent by receding backward using darker shade and make the highlighted features look more notable by using highlighter.

For smaller eyes, it’s better to minimize the use of darker shade and increase the use of lighter to medium shades. Apply the contour in softer colors such as bronze or gray around the lower lash line with similar technique as if you contour the cheek area to provide more definition. You may use eye shadow to give just a bit darker color than your original skin tone near the eyelids crease then use your contouring makeup by sweeping along the eye socket using smaller brush. To finish up, dust a bit of highlighter around the center of your eyes.

Highlighter is a perfect tool to enhance the eyes. Choose light of pearly highlighter shade and dap it around your brow bone, inner corner, and center of your eyelid. This method will make your eyes appear more lifted up and looks bigger.

Remember that highlighting certain features makes them look visually forward, so don’t go overboard with the application. The same principle is valid for the whole makeup for small eyes. After all, on some days you might want to show off the unique shape of your eyes instead of making them look entirely different as a part of your different charm.