Top 30 Best Korean Sad/Ballad Songs I’ve Ever Heard (Female Singers), You’ll Get Goosebumps!


30Jimin Park – Try

I am a bit frustrated while listening to this song, Jimin Park is capable to handle more than this sloppy guitar and pretty medium tempo beat. The song is so basic for me, if it wasn’t for Jimin Park voice, I might have kick this song out of the list. I believe that Jimin Park can deliver much more than this even though she has not yet achieve the front row of the music industry. Don’t get me wrong, the song is good, the lyrics is suitable with the song, she touches simple stuff in life in a very beautiful way. Good song, but it could have been better.

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  1. I love a gentleman dignity and of course descendants of the sun and boys be flowers. So i am thinking to watch the rests. Thanks for recommend them. DId you watch it can hear your voice? I love it, like the detail of the story. Even i don’t like the love story of the main character but it’s still worthy to watch

  2. Thank you for making the list and adding the youtube music video.

    I was asked by a friend to put the most melodious, emotional and best ballad mp3 into her new car. I selected various songs from different generations. There were American, British, Japanese, Chinese and even Indonesian songs. I chose only the best and I felt Korean songs were not well represented. So your site helped me to choose. I spent almost 2 hrs going through all your 30 songs. Unfortunately I did not choose any of these 30. I think that I will look at the male Korean artistes and hopefully I can find some that can makes the cut.

  3. I recommend you to listen to :
    nam taehyun – i’m young & hug me
    Vromance- i’m fine
    Seventeen – pinwheel, habit,dont listen,laughter,
    N.flying – i’m okay
    Victon- slow goodbye

  4. I recommend you listen to more IU songs. She really has a nice range of ballad songs like Ugly duckling, Through the Night, Dear Name, Wallpaper pattern, The night of the first break-up, Knee, When love passes, Midnight Summer’s Dream, Taking a train, Wind Flower, Full stop. (etc. XD)

  5. Hello, maybe you know the name of a song I heard the other day in a korean restaurant. It was a calm, ethereal, sang by a female (I guess) and it goes “If I”, at least that’s what I thought. Thanks!

  6. thanks for posting this it was helpful ^^
    I’d recommend these to everyone
    I miss you by Beige
    Forgetting you by Davichi
    Alone in the room by IU


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