Top 25 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses of All Time (Up To 2017)


25Park Se Young

Born in 1988. The first time I discovered her was in the drama “school” in 2013. At that time she already looks very beautiful, but unfortunately in the drama Park Se Young did not have any romantic relationship with co-star Lee Jong Suk.

A year after that, I found that Se Young is back in the drama, but this time she starred in the family drama that the number of episodes tend to be more compared to her previous drama. She played in “Glorious Day” and this drama has about 40-50 episodes if I’m not mistaken.

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And once i started watching this drama, I never thought I would love it. Why? Because Park Se Young has become more beautiful, and there is also a very lovely romantic relationship between her and the co-star Lee Sang Woo. And finally I crowned this drama as one of the best Korean family drama of all time.


  1. very beautiful actresses are on this list but I can only agree with 10 of them and as beauty factors may differ in any culture I dont think ranking them was a good idea. Some of most beautiful korean actresses are not in the list, which surprised me, such as Suzy, Go Ara, Nana, Lee yun Hee ,Song Ji Hyo, …

  2. Im not sure about such natural beauty that people mentioned towards some actresses and I don’t care to be honest. My favorite in term of beauty is still Han hyo joo.

  3. Songs ji hyo should be included in the top 10 of the beautiful korean actress as she have the natural beauty without having plastic surgery… for ji hyo


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