KMazing – The mighty Kwon Jiyoung is back with his solo extended plays on June 8, 2017. The EP consisted 5 songs *more like three song, because there are intro and outro of the EP*. But today we will just review one song titled “무제(無題) (Untitled, 2014)”

Song Review

It’s breaking hurt, the lyrics is super deep. GD didn’t just write any song, he successfully injected deep feeling inside every lyrics and melody of the song.  The leader of the Big Bang possessed a very lovely tone of voice which he really emphasizes on this particular song. The arrangement of the song is out of this world, he literally knit every single tone to fit the lyrics of the song. GD does release semi-ballad song such “That XX” and this is the upgraded version of melodic ballad song with GD’s voice and piano as the major instrument. His voice is the center in this song, GD sings in a very hurtful tone that sometimes you hear he just whisper and sigh. The dramatic melody accompany his voice perfectly depicting the drama or trouble in the lyrics. Through the song you will realize that, the pain is there, and this song just activated it. Even without knowing the lyrics you can feel the emotions. Great Song

MV Review

The music video starts with GD as the center of the video which goes on along until the end of the song. The act itself is portraying someone who is full of regret *as the lyrics suggest*. It looks simple, but very sentimental in my view, the changing colour, the expression and GD’s little “dance” is perfecting the music which already a pleasure to the ear.