KMazing – Running Man is a South Korean variety program that has become a worldwide hit. With such a tremendous fan base, it seems necessary to develop a separate section of this website dedicated to this particular K-Variety Show.

Yep, in this blog series, we’ll talk about some of the finest – funniest, most legendary, etc –  episodes of Running Man at random. We will start with one fresh from the oven. Particularly for this week, we will see the cute and comedic manners of the cast members in episode 583. Check this out!

Running Man Review Episode 583

Taking inspiration from hit South Korean television Yumi’s Cells, Running Man hosts an episode where the members become Ji Seok Jin’s cells. Ji Seok Jin himself is indeed known as a character who is easy to be influenced by others while making a decision.


Therefore, in this episode, the other members will try their best to influence Ji Seok Jin in making important decisions in each stage of the game. Members who succeed in influencing Ji Seok Jin will get points that can liberate them from punishment.

The funny thing is that each member has their own role as Ji Seok Jin’s cell. Their roles are, Yoo Jae Suk who plays the ignorant cell, Kim Jong Kook as the protein cell, HaHa who is the hangout cell, Song Ji Hyo as the sleeping cell, Jeon So Min as the romance cell, and Yang Se Chan as the empty head cell. These six cells will compete to get Seok Jin to do what they want.

The two most interesting games in this episode were when the members taught Ji Seok Jin photo poses. Instead of proposing unique and macho poses, the Running Man members teach strange and funny postures. It doesn’t stop there, the interview section is also very funny because the answers from the Running Man cast really spoil Ji Seok Jin’s image.

The behavior of the Running Man members, especially when teasing Ji Seok Jin, who is the oldest member, always manages to surprise the audience.