10 Underrated Korean Variety Show that You Need to Watch Now!


KMazing – If you are not that typical person who likes K-dramas that are generally complicated, then try to watch the K-Variety shows that are light and entertaining. Shows like Running Man, Knowing Brother is already quite familiar to Kpop fans. But did you know that there are a lot of variety shows that turn out to be good to watch but often underestimated? Well, let’s take a look at 10 underrated South Korean variety show that you need to check it now!

1Hello Counselor

This television program was first aired on November 2010 on KBS. The variety show was hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Jung Chan Woo, Lee Young Ja, Kim Tae Gyun and Choi Tae Jun. What’s makes this show fun to watch is that it usually raises themes that often occur in people’s lives. In addition to presenting parties who are facing problems, during the show, there are audiences and experts who will provide feedback and suggestions.

Hello Counselor also presents guest stars from among idols, actresses, and actors to provide feedback from their perspective. This show might not be as famous as Running Man but there are a lot of positive benefits that you can get while watching it.



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