Hi There, We are back with Profile Write Up and like usual, we are still having our attention toward girl group (maybe next time for boy group), to spark things up we are going to list everything we know and there is about the Unique and Popular Group MAMAMOO. Here we go.

MAMAMOO Background and History

Mamamoo is a girl group quartet debuted under management Rainbow Bridge consist of Solar, Hwasa, Wheein and Moon Byul. their unique approach of mixing retro concept and music inside R&B and jazz  tis creating a music style that rare and special.

Even before their official debut, Mamamoo already busy with working together with several musicians. Just like the old people say “you can never hide gold forever”, the prominent quality embedded inside the members of Mamamoo can’t be denied as they proved their trait with a long list of collaborations with artists such as Bumkey, K.Will, and Wheesung.

The girls made their official debut on 19 june with single “Mr.Ambiguous” under their first mini album titled “Hello”. their debut was considered as one of the best and so impactful even Billboard included them on the list of top 5 K-Pop artist to watch in 2015. Mamamoo recognized for their Jazzy and R&B Music cover with strong vocal and their random-open minded personality.

Mamamoo Member Profile

credit : koreaboo.com

Mamamoo might not be the prettiest girl group but the member have their own unique characteristic that make them so hard to resist.


Solar was born on February 21, 1991 in Seoul, South Korea. Her real name is Kim Yong Sun and she is the leader and main vocal of the group. Her height is 163 while the weight is about 43 Kg. Solar was originally wanted to be a Flight Attendant but later was discovered by the agency while participating in singing for gift competition. This Pisces girl considers herself to be Mamamoo’s Mom. She might be looking like the youngest one but nope, she is the eldest of the group. Her favorite artist are Lil Wayne and Amy Winehouse. She definitely loves Hip-hop and that was the reason why her ideal type is Simon D.


Moonbyul is the main rapper and dancer of Mamamoo, she was born on December 22, 1992. with 165 cm tall and 45 kg,  she is cute and charming rapper of the group but make me no mistake, she is pretty clever in writing a good rhyme and her low voice rap is really enchanting. She adores Iggy Azalea and the music she prefer to listen to is R&B and Hip Hop. She was the main choreographer for their “Mr. Ambiguous” debut track.


This cutie was born in Jeonju on April 17, 1995. She is the lead vocal and dancer of the group. Jung Whee In is 162 cm tall and about 43 kg in weight. Aries in Zodiac, her powerful voice is her trademark. Wheein is long last friend with another member  Hwa Sa who has known each other since middle school. She has a huge crush on Benzino and her nickname is Jindo Dog (there is no explanation needed here)


Male fans will confirm that the sexiness of Hwasa is undeniable. She is not just sexy, but classy as well and that’s where the point is. Hwasa was born by the name of Ahn Hye Jin, in Jeonju on July 23, 1995. At first glance you might think that she is the eldest one but *eeeet* you are wrong, Hwasa is the maknae of the group (what the what). Whasa just like Wheein attended J Music Vocal School and she is the lead vocalist and main rapper of Mamamoo. Jazz is her favorite music genre and once she told reporter that she loves George Clooney (Well, who doesn’t). Standing on 162 cm and weight roughly 45 kg, Hwasa has a glamorous body and an old-school voice.

We are not stopping here, next.


Mamamoo has release 1 Studio Album and 4 EP (Extended Plays) *correct us if we are wrong*

    • Melting


  • EP
    • Hello
    • Piano Man
    • Pink Funky
    • Memory


  • Single(s)
    • “Don’t Be Happy”
      (with Bumkey)
    • “Peppermint Chocolate”
      (with K.Will feat. Wheesung)
    • “Heeheehaheho”
      (with Geeks)
    • “Mr. Ambiguous”
    • “Piano Man”
    • “Ahh Oop!”
      (with Esna)
    • “Um Oh Ah Yeh”
    • “I Miss You”
    • “Taller Than You”
    • “You’re The Best”
    • “New York”
    • “Decalcomanie”


Almost all if not all music released by Mamamoo got a good reception so it’s kinda hard to draw the line between which song is a hit or not. Instead, KMazing Crew will hand-pick numerous songs that make us adore these girls. Enjoy and see ya guys on another Profile WriteUp. Ciao.