KMazing – If you’re a fan of Korean dramas like the Goblin, Hwayugi is one of the highly recommended dramas to watch. Why? You might ask, here is why.

Stunning CG 

If a movie lifts the fantasy and horror genre, it certainly requires a sophisticated graphical effect in its creation. Surely you will not be disappointed with the graphical effects used in Hwayugi. In general, Korean dramas now already use sophisticated computer graphics effects. But the effects used in this one drama is a lot cooler, almost at the same level with Hollywood movies. In fact, the ghosts in each episode look very real and frightening.

Intriguing Plot

The second point to consider why you need to watch a movie is the storyline of the film. No need to worry about Hwayugi’s storyline, especially if you’re a 90s generation, you must be familiar with the names of the characters in this drama.

This one drama adapts the story of Journey to the West. But Hwayugi does not tell about the search for scripture to the West, but the story of Son O Gong (Sun Go Kong on the story of the Monkey) in this modern era.

Accompanied by stealth manifestations of buffalo and pigs who are sometimes good but love to make Son O Gong in trouble, they have to deal with the ghosts haunting in this world. Surely you will be curious to see how the Son Go Kong character living in today’s world? Therefore you must watch this one drama to find out its continuation.

The Star-Studded Cast

From the eye down to the heart is a very fitting parable in discussing for this. The reasoning behind that is the first thing that people consider to watch a movie is certainly the actress and actor who plays a role in it. The more beautiful and handsome the artist is the more people who are interested to watch the movie.

Well, in Hwayugi there are so many top artists who are beautiful and handsome. The female lead in this drama is Oh Yeon Seo, a beautiful actress born in 1987 who has been in the drama industry for more than 10 years.

One of the male leads is Cha Seung Won, a handsome actor who has been playing the film since 1997 is ready to entertain you with his acting which is funny and charismatic. The other male lead is very interesting to everyone, namely Lee Seung Gi. This handsome character plays a rebel character but has a good heart. This drama is Lee Seung Gi’s first drama after he finished his military service in October 2017!

And we cannot miss the handsome vocalist of the band F.T Island who is also active id drama play Lee Hong Ki who played a role in Hwayugi.