KMazing – It sure is not an easy job any director or screenwriter be able to provide K-drama ending in accordance with the desired by the audience. But that’s not the case for these four ending of Korean dramas below, we’re 100% sure you’ll agree to change it!

Marry Him If You Dare

The first thing that makes K-drama one is sure to be the hits can be seen from the cast which in this case are Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Dong Gun. Triangle love story makes our heart pound in every episode. Choosing a rich man played by Yong Hwa or the charismatic Dong Gun?

The ending of this K-drama turned out to be great protest when finally Eun Hye did not choose one of the two cast. After wasting 16 hours, the audience is furious with the “hanging” feeling of the ending and leave a lot of negative comments.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Next one, K-drama produced by YG Entertainment is getting a good rating because the story that are very sad and touches audience’s heart. The suffering that has been experienced by IU’s as female cast and male cast member Lee Joon Gi makes everyone expect a happy ending.

BUT, at the end of the episode, the female lead actor died and could not live happily with the male cast. This kind of ending made the audience disappointed. Even the audience made a petition that has been signed millions of people to changed the end into happy ending

Cheese In the Trap

Cheese in the Trap is a Korean drama adapted from the webtoon written by Soon Ggi. Therefore many people have great hopes that this one K-drama will be a hit. When the beginning of the story all looks fine and gets a positive response. But before the final episode, this drama was even flooded with negative reviews and angered the audience. How so? The main character actually disappeared in the ending, the woman main cast was abandoned without clarity *WTH*.

Reply 1998

While this Korean drama ending this one did not fully get a negative response. But K-drama becomes a sensitive topic especially when there is a split between #teamtaek and #teamjunghwan. At the beginning of K-drama, we are made to wonder about who the female cast will marry in the future.

In the middle of the season, we begin to believe that the female cast will marry Jung Hwan. But at the end of the episode, there are many people that are shocked by the loving statement from Taek. Many pros and cons of this ending. Well, which team are you on?