KMazing – Korean movies will not just entertain, but they are also full of life values that we can learn such as people with disabilities, bullying, violence, corruption, and others. Hence, this time we will try to pick Korean movies that you must watch since it will touch the humane side of us. Curious? Do check out the list below!

5. Way Back Home

The film is lifted from this true story, tells of a Korean housewife who must be imprisoned in France. She was accused of smuggling drugs at French airports. The plot of the story is full of conflict and every moment crafted to ignite the true feeling of humanity.

4. Miracle in Cell No.7

A lot of you guys must have known this very famous film. This movie is a must see for K-Movie enthusiast. Telling about a father who’s suffering from mental retardation, but one day he was accused of being a murderer as well as a rapist against a small child. With all the injustices he has to face, you will surely feel sad and angry at this movie. For you, who have not watched yet, try to watch it now, it is guaranteed that you will cry, if not, maybe your heart has already petrified.

3. Don’t Cry Mom

This one film tells a mother who knows the cause of her child that committed suicide. So she must look for a suspect to take revenge for her son’s death. In this movie you will be very like very very angry at the suspect, you must watch it yourself! The plot is crafted with care and the tension was build perfectly.

2. Han Gong Ju

The film also goes into the list of movies that you must watch. Han Gong Ju tells of a student who is a victim of a case of sexual harassment and rape. However, instead of getting sympathy, she is actually cornered and ostracized by the people around her.

1. Silenced

Remember Gong Yoo who was in ‘Train to Busan’ movie? This time he is not playing in a zombie movie. But this movie is also mandatory to watch. This time he acted as a teacher working in a special school for children with disabilities, where he found many problems with the school. Even the children in the school were tortured by school officials and the dormitories staff. You will realize the corruption of the legal system for those in power and those who have a lot of money.