Hello again guys! Since i’ve discussed about best Korean dramas of all time before, right now i’m going to discuss about the actresses. Yeah i’m going to tell you the most beautiful Korean actresses of all time based on Kmazing version, maybe this list would be good for beginners.

I’ve watched a lot of dramas, so i also discovered some new beautiful faces. For your information, i’m going to tell you some new beautiful actresses that you might do not know or underrated.

So there won’t be names like Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Gyo, Suzy, Seol Hyun, Shin Min Ah, Ha Ji Won, Son Ye Jin, Han Ga In, Lee Da Hae, Yoona, Yoon Eun Hye, and other high level actresses that are already too mainstream.

Anyway, here’s the list.

Park Se Young

Park Seyoung Korean Actress

Born in 1988. The first time I discovered her was in the drama “school” in 2013. At that time she already looks very beautiful, but unfortunately in the drama Park Se Young did not have any romantic relationship with co-star Lee Jong Suk.

A year after that, I found that Se Young is back in the drama, but this time she starred in the family drama that the number of episodes tend to be more compared to her previous drama. She played in “Glorious Day” and this drama has about 40-50 episodes if I’m not mistaken.

And once i started watching this drama, I never thought I would love it. Why? Because Park Se Young has become more beautiful, and there is also a very lovely romantic relationship between her and the co-star Lee Sang Woo. And finally I crowned this drama as one of the best Korean family drama of all time.

Jung So Min

Jung Somin Korean Actress

Jung So Min was born in 1989. It is strange, I fell in love with her in 2012 through the drama “Can We Get Married?”, When she was already popular in 2010 through the drama “Playful Kiss”. I was thinking where the hell did i go at that time. Then finally I watched Playful Kiss in 2013 after finishing the Can We Get Married.

I found Jung So Min really cute in both dramas. Especially in Playful Kiss, while Can We Get Married tend to be more mature drama, but she is still cute.

FYI, Jung So Min also played in KBS Drama Special “Came to Me and Became a Star” With Kim Jisuk. In this drama, Jung So Min looks very beautiful.

You can see it here :

Nam Gyu Ri

Nam Gyuri Korean Actress

Born in 1985, I already knew Nam Gyuri since 2011 through the drama “49 Days”. But at that time she wasn’t the female lead role.

Then in 2013 she became female lead role through JTBC drama “Cruel City (Undercover)” in which this drama I crowned as one of the best Korean action drama of all time.

I think Nam Gyu Ri is somewhat underrated because she is very pretty and cute like a doll. I hope she will play drama again soon.

Here’s the trailer of drama “Cruel/Heartless City (Undercover)” :

Im Soo Hyang

Im Soohyang Korean Actress

Born in 1990, Im Soo Hyang have a good posture and also very pretty. I watched her in drama IRIS 2 in 2013. Although it is not as the main character even as an antagonist, but her beauty still dazzling. I also watched her in Running Man with Go Ah Ra and T-ara’s Hyo Min in episode 80.

Moon Chae Won

Moon Chaewon Korean Actress

Born in 1986, I’ve known her since 2009 through the drama “Brilliant Legacy”. Then in 2012 I also watch her through the drama “Nice Guy” with Song Joong Ki as the lead role.

I think the most enchanting about Moon Chae Won is not from the 2 dramas above, but at the time she was a guest in Running Man with Lee Seung Gi in episode 228. In the episode I was really fascinated by Moon Chae Won as it turns out that she has a personality that is very cute and innocent. I got laughed out loud seeing her behavior in the Running Man. But that’s her charm.

Moon Chae Won2

Here’s the clip from Running Man 228 when Moon Chae Won did the absurd thing, you can see how Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Jae Suk get frustrated here :

Moving on to the top 10! Feel the beauty from a different level..

Yoon So Hee

Yoon Sohee Korean Actress

Born in 1993, the first time I saw Yoon So Hee through the drama “Let’s Eat” which I think is a very unique drama. In this drama she is not as the main character but her beauty beats the main character. In addition, she also played a role in the drama “Marriage without Dating” with Han Groo.

Anyway, here’s the clip of Yoon So Hee in Let’s Eat season 1. She is very gorgeous and cute in this drama.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Jiwon Korean Actress

Born in 1992 (same with me LOL), no need to explain anymore because you already know her through the mega hit drama “Descendants of the Sun”. I also think the beauty of Kim Ji Won exceeds Song Hye Kyo (probably because Song Hye Kyo is getting old).

Previously, Kim Ji Won also played in dramas such as The Heirs, Gap Dong, To The Beautiful You, and High Kick.

Kim Ha Neul

Kim Haneul Korean Actress

Born in 1978, she has been included into the Ahjumma category. But despite she is an Ahjumma, she is still gorgeous. In 2016 she finally married to someone who is younger than her.

I’ve seen her since 2009 through the movie “My Girlfriend is an Agent” and the movie is very funny to make me laugh out loud when watching it. She played with Kang Ji Hwan in the movie.

3 years later, in 2012 I heard that Kim Haneul will act with Jang Dong Gun, and so I watched it. A Gentleman’s Dignity indeed a very good and entertaining drama, that’s why I named this drama as one of the best romantic Korean drama of all time.


Eugene Korean Actress

Born in 1981 (another Ahjumma), a former member of girl group S.E.S, I first discovered Eugene when i was randomly surfing the internet in 2013 to find a drama to watch. Then I found a family drama that has about 50 episodes which is “Hundred Year Inheritance”, and so i started to watch it, and that’s the first time i saw Eugene and I was fascinated by her beauty. In addition the drama also great so I crowned this drama as one of the best Korean family drama of all time.

I also watched Eugene’s other dramas like “Can We Love” which aired on channel JTBC, and recently she just finished playing a family drama “All About My Mom”.

Here’s one of “A Hundred Year Inheritance” OST, Eugene looks so beautiful in this drama.

Sung Yuri

Sung Yuri Korean Actress

Born in 1981 (equals to Eugene), a former member of girl group Fin.K.L, the first time I found her was around 2010, at that time I was advised by my brother to watch “Snow Queen” and “One Fine Day” because she is super pretty. Both drama aired in 2006 (so long ago). When I watch Sung Yu Ri indeed she was very beautiful, but unfortunately the drama wasn’t very good.

Then in 2012, I watched Yuri Sung back through drama “Feast of the God” in which she plays with Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Sang Woo. The drama is pretty nice to watch, tells about people who want to become an expert cook. I was able to enjoy the beauty and cuteness of Sung Yuri in this drama.

Here’s a guerilla date with Sung Yuri in 2015. She is so cute.

Top 5! Now The Girls’s beauty is on a higher level..

Han Groo

Han Groo Korean Actress

Born in 1992 (same with me again), as I said in my previous post that Han Groo included in one of the most beautiful Korean actresses of all time, and here she is.

The first time I found her was in the drama “Can We Get Married?” With Jung So Min, but at that time she wasn’t the lead role. Then two years later she became the lead role in the drama “Marriage Without Dating“. Her beauty is very charming and I suddenly became her fan.

Here’s a clip from “Marriage without Dating” in which she played with Yeon Woo Jin. She is really beautiful and lovely.

Gong Seung Yeon

Gong Seungyeon Korean Actress

Born in 1993, older sister of TWICE Gong Jeong Yeon, and from SM Entertainment. I found her through variety show WGM (We Got Married). At that time there was a new pair coming up and turns Gong Seung Yeon paired with Jong Hyun of CNBLUE. I think Jong Hyun is very lucky because he gets a super pretty wife (evethough it’s fake). Yes because Gong Seung Yeon has beauty that already at a high level.

Here is the clip from We Got Married (OMG i’m so jealous with Jong Hyun).

Kim Yu Mi

Kim Yumi Korean Actress

Born in 1990, crowned as Miss Korea 2012, represented Korea in the Miss Universe 2013, Beauty Pageant titleholder, and an actress. No questions for this one, beside her beauty is on a different level, she is also the sexiest girl Among this list.

Where did i found her acting in drama?

I found her in a web drama called “Delicious Love” in 2015, when I first saw it, I immediately thought who the hell is she? She is freaking gorgeous yet beautiful. You better watch it so that you can feel the charm of extraordinary beauty.

Here’s the teaser of Delicious Love featuring Gong Chan from B1A4.

Runner Up: Song Ha Yoon

Song Hayoon Korean Actress

Born in 1986, the first time I saw her was in the drama “Sweden Laundry” and if you see her thoroughly, Song Ha Yoon is not just beautiful, but she also very cute and adorable. She also played in various movies and dramas.

The most fabulous thing is, a lot of people do not believe she is already 30 years old. Yes, because she has a very pretty and adorable face like a teenager. Therefore she sometimes plays the role of a student in a drama, for example in web drama “Dream Knight” alongside with the GOT7 personnels.

In this year, she also plays in web drama with 2PM Taecyeon called “Touching You”. Check the clip below, she is very gorgeous and cute.

First Place: Lee Da In

Lee Da In Korean Actress

Born in 1992 (same again with me), Lee Da In is younger sister of Lee Yu Bi who played in the drama “Pinocchio” and “Nice Guy” as a supporting role. I think Lee Da In is the most beautiful Among the list (eventhough it was difficult to choose between her, Song Ha Yoon, and Kim Yu Mi), but finally i choose her.

If we talk about the beauty, Lee Da In is at the same level with Song Ha Yoon and Kim Yu Mi, the three are in the highest level.

Compared to Song Ha Yoon, Lee Da In is the opposite. She is still 24, but her face is somehow more mature than her age.

Where did i found her?

I found her through mobile/web drama called “20 Years Old” in which she played with Lee Ki Kwang from Beast (i’m freaking jealous with Ki Kwang). If you want to see her acting really sweet and lovely, you better watch the drama.

Here’s the teaser of the drama. Aigoo she’s so lovely..


Okay, so they are the top 15 most beautiful Korean actresses of all time by Kmazing.net right now. Some actresses are underrated right? Did you find someone that you haven’t seen before?

Anyway, the list above is based on Kmazing.net, maybe you do not find them beautiful Because You may have different taste with me. If you have some thoughts, share it with me in the comments below.