Top 20 Best NBA Players of All Time (Up to 2017)

best nba players of all time

20Top 20 Best NBA Players of All Time You Should Know (Up to 2017)

KMazing the USA basketball competition or commonly called the NBA never escaped the conversation of many parties around the world. Thus, until now the NBA is still known to be the most competitive and best male basketball competition in the world. This title is reinforced by the quality of the game shown in every club that takes part in the NBA competition. The quality of the players that involved is on the top shelf of the time. Every club in the NBA competition has a number of players who have very good quality.

But before millennium comes, the record has been made by the older generation player, which create momentum for the competition to take its place as the number one. Undoubtedly, NBA has been blessed with several top players whose achievement get them the legendary status in the competition and the players itself earned their spot as the legendary player of NBA. If you ever wonder who are those great players, you are in the right spot. Here are our top picks for 20 greatest NBA player of all time.

Disclaimer: The ranks of the player didn’t mean the ability or achievement of the players, it was a result from Kmazing team. Peace !

Anyway, let’s go!

20. Reggie Miller

The figure of Reggie Miller actually looks a bit “weird”. His body is really skinny but this player is famous for his 3-point shooting that often comes at crucial moments. Even the at the extreme, he often takes a shot at some distance from the 3-point line.

Actually, Reggie was born with a defective foot shape, causing him to not walk properly. As a child, he walked with the reinforcement plat until he was strong enough to keep up with his body. Many people do not think he could finally be one of the best players in the NBA. Reggie also had time to bring the Pacers to NBA Final in 2000, but unfortunately lost to the Lakers 4-2 at the time.



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