The Best Underrated K-POP Songs I’ve Ever Heard


11The Best Underrated K-POP Songs

Hello again guys, after more than 1 month since my last post, finally i write again.

This time i’m going to discuss about some underrated K-pop songs of all time that i found very catchy, tasty, and awesome. Maybe some of you guys have heard about it before.

Well, actually its really unfortunate for them to be underrated even though their songs are not bad at all. I think maybe it just happened because a lot of factors like the tightness of competition in kpop world, their strategy to promote the song, etc.

Anyway, here are the songs, hope you like it.

But By the way, i want to inform you that i don’t rank this list. So number doesn’t mean anything. First doesn’t mean the best and last doesn’t mean the worst.

Lets get started.



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