Top 16 Best Korean Indie Songs I’ve Ever Heard in My Life, Maybe Could Give You Goosebumps!

Top 16 Best K-Indie Songs of All Time

17Top 16 Best Korean Indie Songs

Hello everyone! After i told you the history about how i found K-Indie in previous post, and i started to hear K-Indie songs, searched various songs from the internet, now i will rank them based on my opinion.

I usually judge a song based on several factors, for example the most basic thing, is the song itself good-to-heard or not? Is the song boring? Because i really like songs that won’t make me bored in a short time, so the songs must be great and anti-mainstream, songs that make me want to hear again and again for a long time.

And the most important thing is, usually my favorite song is a song that can make me goosebumps. If there is a song that i hear for the first and gave me goosebumps, that means this song is “a must have song”.

And i’ll tell you that all of these songs are from female singer, because i dont like male singer (since i’m a guy), i just like watching beautiful girls more, and i feel more excited when i hear female voice rather than male voice (male voice usually has a low tone).

Okay lets get started.. Here are the best songs.



  1. Hey there,

    thank you for the TOP10-List and thanks for putting “The Accidental Couple” in it. It´s my favourite drama ever (watched it 5-times already)- Love it because of Hwang-Jung-Min! – I wrote down some titles from your list and i´m looking forward to watch them! – Oh, i´m a guy as well (though a bit older than you are) and i´ve been away from korean dramas for several years and now coming back for more! – So, thanks again for your list and have a nice day!

    PS: I put the first comment in the wrong section, SORRY!

    • Is this Michael Tartfroyo? Hi there Michael! Thanks for visiting my blog.

      Yes of course because “The Accidental Couple” is really a great romantic drama.

      Oh so you are the hyung then 😀

      Happy watching the drama! Hope it would suitable with your taste.


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